Essential Oils

The vibrational energies of essential oils can be a transformational tool for health and well-being.  I have been a practitioner of essential oils for over twenty years and enjoy using oils topically, in soaps, foods, and as aromatherapy.  I also make custom blends, using intuitive methods and pendulum work.

I look forward to sharing Raindrop Reiki™ with you.  This relaxing process incorporates multiple oils used topically along the feet, hands, and spine for vibrational clearing, physical/emotional alignment, and spiritual uplift.  The combination of Reiki energy healing techniques along with essential oils is an ideal synthesis of vibrational healing methods.

Contact me for recommendations and discounts on your oil order!

Young Living essential oils are 100% pure therapeutic quality oils.  This is a company that gives back to its communities and has high standards for its products.  This is why I use these oils and have used them for over twenty years!

However, I also purchase and use oils from other high-quality companies, as long as their products are good and pass my personal tests, through applied kinesiology (muscle testing), pendulum energy work, and asking my angelic guides.

I suggest YOU DO THE SAME!

I am not interested in “selling” clients anything they don’t need and/or they don’t want.

Let’s not do that.

Be Blessed in all you do!