is offered at Eloia Healing Arts

by Erin Villarino, RMT, C.Ht.


forgiveness-blogHypnotherapy is a modality that addresses the mental aspect of ones healing.  Through hypnosis, a client is able to see and address the root cause of an issue of suffering.  It may be a deeply held belief or an experience of the past that now creates a pattern or a feeling of being stuck.  Most clients experience immediate change as a result of changing this subconscious belief or experience.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool to bring about personal growth.  It gives one an opportunity to release deeply ingrained habits and behaviors that are holding them back.

Reiki is an energy healing technique that has the ability to restore balance and harmony to the body, emotions and mind through releasing energetic blocks.  Many clients report experiencing reduction or relief of pain, emotional release and a sense of well-being and peace after a session.

The combination of these two treatments enhances the results of each.  By bringing the client into a meditative state in which they can access the deeper parts of their subconscious mind and using Reiki energy to help balance emotion and release energetic blocks, there is a strength and intention in the session that will help get right to the root cause of an ailment or fear and give the client the ability to change it.

Erin Villarino is available for appointments on Tuesdays and some Thursdays at Eloia Healing Arts.

Hypno-Reiki|1.5 hour session|$125