Meditation Workshops

A regular meditation practice can be an important tool for handling life’s challenges.  Meditation can help you ‘hold your space’ in a whirlwind of conflicting energies and chaos.  It can also help you delve into the deepest parts of yourself to re-connect with your highest vibration, allowing creativity and problem-solving to flow freely.


  • To relax
  • To release
  • To re-connect


Meditation (just 20-30 minutes a day) has been proven to assist with focus, relaxation, and even increasing gray matter in the areas of the brain (hippocampus) related to self-awareness, compassion and introspection (Harvard Study, 2014).  Other studies have also shown that a meditation practice inhibits the stress-hormone response by inhibiting cortisol and lifts ones ‘mood’ by activating the left frontal regions of the brain.

Learn more at the US Department of Health and Human Services:

Eloia Healing Arts | Temecula Reiki Center

offers a variety of meditation classes and workshops for the beginning, moderate, and experienced meditator to participate in silent, guided, movement, and blended meditation experiences.

MEDITATION WORKSHOPS: Monthly guided meditations, focused on different themes and experiences, for all levels of meditators.  These workshops provide different tools to assist and encourage individuals to start and maintain their own regular meditation practice. The themes are described beforehand on the Calendar of Events. $20 – 25

CORPORATE MEDITATION WORKSHOPS:  Want to help your team de-stress? Get focused? Become more productive? Those seeking to bring a meditation workshop to their workplace, employees, management, or team should contact us for a scheduling consultation.  We can tailor the workshop to meet your specific needs.  Corporate Meditation Workshops can be planned using guided–seated or lying down–sound healing (singing bowls and/or gongs and/or drum), as well as moving meditations.  This work is appropriate for small-group (6+) or large-group (100+) engagements.  Email inquiries: