4GiveNess Project


May 15 – June 13

The 4GiveNess Project is a 28-day cycle of karmic cleansing through conscious forgiveness to heal your life, lifetimes, and to heal the world.

DATE: May 15 – June 13

This fall from New Moon to New Moon, a 28-day cycle, utilizing the full power of the universe’s support for the cycle of re-birth.  It also falls between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day–the vibrations of your own incarnation are most accessible, as you resolve your own karmic past and the inner child healing that often needs to be addressed.

WHAT: Forgiveness

Join us for a period of asking for forgiveness for all the ways you have hurt/harmed/disrupted the life-force energy of others, including yourself. And, then, join us for a period of forgiving others who have knowingly or unknowingly harmed/hurt/disrupted our own life-force energy.

HOW: Meditation, Prayer, Intention

  • You can join us for a meditation or sound bath journey specifically offered to assist you in the channeled 4GiveNess activations. 
  • A free online 4GiveNess meditation will be made available, between May 15 and June 13 to assist. CLICK HERE, during that time.
  • However, with a sincere heart and dedicated intention, you are able to call upon the ArchAngels and Ascended Masters to assist you in learning what you need to know about your karmic debt, burden, and the act of forgiveness.

Forgiveness sets each of us free – bringing us back to our natural state of Loving Awareness.

Join us –

Peace is a thought away –

“The weak can never forgive.  Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong.”

–Mahatma Gandhi