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Sending Light: Reiki Light Bridge for Healing  Available now at AppStore for mobile Apple devices (iphone/ipad). Click icon to view app.
Sending Light: Reiki Light Bridge for Love. Available at AppStore for mobile Apple devices (iphone/ipad). Click icon to view the app.

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Sending Light: Reiki Light Bridge for Balance Available for purchase on AppStore.  Click on the icon to view the app!
Sending Light: Reiki Light Bridge for Growth.  Available for purchase on the AppStore.  Click the icon to view the app!

Need help re-centering in Love and Light?  Do you need to bring a Higher Vibration to a situation? Do you feel alone? Confused? Low energy? Stressed?

Receive a mini-Reiki session from your Angels at any time, on your iOS mobile device! 

This app series has been assisting people world-wide since 2014.

This fifth app in the series is a full 30-minute Reiki Distance Healing, with a special 15-minute Earth Healing session. Sending Light: Rainbow Light Bridge™ (available soon)

Sending Light – Reviews:

Gateway Angels & Guides to Come Through *****

I can feel the genuine, caring, loving, high vibration, healing intention put behind this app. I got all four of them and each of the sound meditations(Reiki music and bells/chimes/singing bowls very beautiful tones!) are different and each color and light pattern varies as well. She intends that your Angels and Guides be able to come through, and that’s how it feels energetically. You can use it throughout the day in 1 or 5 minute segments, and you can put the phone where you feel you need healing or are tense/anxious such as top of head or anywhere guided to. (I turn off cellular/Wi fi when I put phone on my body)
I felt right away the relaxing healing energy, and over time I think it can help you even more to connect in and vibrate Higher to communicate more effectively with your Guides. Love these! Highly recommend💕💜💕💜💕💜

Divine Blessing! *****

I am extremely grateful I was divinely guided to your Lightbridge series! I purchased all the apps you were guided to create. They possess a purity and resonance in their tone that is undeniably angelic and from the highest vibratory frequencies. Thank you for honoring your divine guidance and creating such incredible and cost effective tools to help fellow lightworkers, wayshowers and each of us on the path of higher ascension. Blessings.

Magical app and the best I’ve found. *****

Truly fabulous. Wonderful sounds and visuals and energy all around. I believe this was made with the best and highest intention and it’s at steal at 99cents. Honored to be the first to review it.

Loved it! *****

Placed it over my heart before bed and did the 5 min session I was in such a positive state the whole next day.

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