Purity and the Physical Body

—a message from Purity for owners of a human body—

Purity is the Elohim of the Fourth Ray, the white ray, twin flame of Astraea.

In order to get to a place of Purity within, one must come to terms with living in a human body form. This human body, with all its intricacies and complications is meant to teach you. —Like living in harmony with the Elementals, you must become better friends with your own body.

The creation of Art —music, painting, poetry—all creative output, even dance—must first come through the body. The physical form may not be perfect, indeed it is not—but the aggressive energy you hold against the body can never create beauty, true beauty, unless you Purify the body.

To Purify the body, you must Love the body. De-Light in its abilities, its messages, its expression. There is nothing “wrong” with your body; use your Divine Presence to move through this body, as you paint your way through your day, through your Life. Learn to use your body—like an Artist’s paintbrush—by itself, it is neither Good nor bad—it awaits the Artist’s intention, inspiration, use and expression. And, so too, it is with the body.

You will heal your body when you learn to enjoy being with it. When you stop criticizing it, when you stop abusing the body for being slow, large, weak, frail, or in pain. Be-friend your body—as it is—right now; enjoy its presence and all its nuances, quirks, and creaks.

Go ahead. Stop here. Take a moment to connect with your physical form. Breathe. Deeply. Slow down. Feel what you feel in this moment. Is that feeling physical? Emotional? Chemical? Electrical? Or something other? Is it unnameable? And once you hold that feeling, what does the critical mind do? Have you already suppressed? Ridiculed? Abandoned?

Breathe again. Deeper this time. Release your own judgment of yourself. Be kind. Be Love. It is all Good, whatever it is. Be with yourself. Unlock the door from the inside and allow truth to come into your awareness, unafraid, accepting, Loving.

Remain for five minutes or more in this place of compassionate acceptance. Love yourself.

This is the first step in Purifying the physical form. When you Love yourself, truly Love yourself—you will never want to harm yourself. You will choose exercise that lifts the Spirit, food that nourishes your Light, touch that transcends lower body senses.

Then, My friends, arm in glorious arm, you shall be-friend the physical body of Earth, extending the Love to your physical home, no longer raging against the weather or abusing the gifts of Earth for profit and power. Instead, you will allow Divine Purity and Blessings to enfold the Earth, healing the harmful effects of the anger presence on the planet.

Love Yourself – Love the Planet.

Love Your Body

Love Every Body

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