Sessions, Services, & Fees

Payment for sessions is due at the time of the appointment.  Most forms of payment are accepted at the Temecula Reiki Center: Cash, Checks, and Credit/Debit Cards.  

Individual Reiki Sessions:

Individual sessions regularly use a variety of modalities, as needed, and are determined during our session meeting. Healing modalities may include but are not limited to the use of  Reiki, Sound Healing, Crystals, and Essential Oils. 

Regular Rate:     $100/hr 

$130/1.5 hr (First-time clients often prefer the extra time in the first session, for discussion and additional depth of care)

College Students (currently enrolled, full-time):  Special Rate = $70.00, 1-hour session.

Individuals experiencing financial hardship, contact me for a short-term “pay-what-you-can” rate:

Raindrop Reiki™ Session:

Essential Oil Reiki techniques, using 10+ oils along the feet, hands, and spine to release tension and blockages in the physical, emotional, and energetic bodies. This session combines a full Reiki session with the Young Living Raindrop Technique® for a unique and transformative experience. Partial Raindrop Reiki™ sessions are a very effective alternative to using the oils along the spine, for those who feel they may be sensitive to the high-vibrational oils.

CLICK HERE for more information about Raindrop Reiki™ sessions.

Partial Raindrop Reiki™ (oils on feet/hands only)   60 mins – $115.00

                                                                                          90 mins — $145.00

Full Raindrop Reiki™ Session                                     90 mins – $155.00

Note:  Full Raindrop Reiki™ sessions are available for current (repeat) clients only.

Bach Flower Essence Consultation:

This session is for the client who wishes to explore the use of Bach Flower Essences to assist with personal growth at the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. This session is usually 40 – 45 minutes in length. The client is provided with a personal mixture of the the Bach Flower Essences (30ml) to take away for personal use. A brochure and directions for use are also provided.

Bach Flower Essence Consultation (Initial meeting): 40-45 mins – $50.00

Bach Flower, Follow-up (w/ 1 remedy bottle): 30 mins – $30.00 (+shipping)

After the initial Bach Flower Essence Consultation, follow-up sessions are offered at a discounted rate of $30, for a 30-minute consultation, which includes an additional personalized blend. If follow-up consultations are done by phone or email, shipping the bottle will require a postage fee.

Click Here for more information about Bach Flower Essences.

Click Here to make an appointment for a Bach Flower Consultation.

Click Here to learn more about ordering a Bach Flower Mixture of your choosing, without a consultation.

Clients wishing to have both a Reiki healing session and a Bach Flower consultation/remedy mixture will be given the opportunity to “add on” the Bach service, when they register for a Reiki session (either 60 or 90-minute sessions). 90-minute sessions are recommended for this type of an appointment.

Private Sound Bath Session, with Reiki:

This includes a combination of Reiki with surround-sound gongs and singing bowls tailored for the individual’s needs. [90-minute sessions]

Regular Rate:  $200/90-mins

Group Sound Bath (Privately Scheduled via email at

Regular Rate:  $100 set-up fee+ $25 per person (4 – 16 people)

Space Clearing/Blessing:

CLICK HERE for more information about House Clearings.

$200/for homes or other spaces (offices, buildings, etc) within 60 miles of Temecula, CA

$300/for spaces within 100 miles of Temecula, CA

       Further?  We can talk about your needs and work remotely, if needed.