Reiki & Sound Healing

Services and classes at Eloia Healing Arts are related to the larger field of VIBRATIONAL HEALING. Reiki and Sound Healing promote the release of energetic blockages and dysfunctional patterns–raising your frequency for optimum health, balance, inner harmony, and a sense of well-being. This work promotes deep relaxation to allow the body to heal itself. In-person sessions integrate Reiki with Sound healing, as appropriate. Online/virtual sessions are offered through Zoom and offer Reiki predominantly.

Sessions & Fees

Reiki/Sound Healing sessions are individual treatments that promote relaxation, clarity, and healing of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Along with Reiki Healing, sessions may include Sound Healing (tuning forks, singing bowls, gongs, ets.) to assist the client, as needed.

In-Person Sessions:

60-minute/ $111

90-min / $144

Virtual Sessions (Zoom):

60-minute/ $111

Bach Flower Consultation:




Eloia Healing Arts offers all levels of Reiki Training Certification Classes (Levels I, II, and III/Reiki Master), along with Crystal Reiki Healing, and Essential Oil Reiki. Meditation Workshops, Sound Healing Training, Pendulum Workshops, and Movement Workshops are among the full complement of classes offered.

Reiki I

Reiki II

Reiki III/Reiki Master Teacher

Crystal Reiki Healing

ReiDiANCE, Awareness in Movement

Sound Baths

Sound Baths are guided meditations with sound, using planetary gongs, singing bowls, drums, and voice. These sessions allow the body, mind, and soul to experience great relaxation, release, and reconnection to Spirit. Early registration is highly recommended, as in-person attendance tends to sell out.

Sound Healing Classes offered:

Drum Circles

Breath & Tone

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