Sound Baths


Allow the beautiful vibrations of ELEVEN chakra-tuned crystal and metal singing bowls, along with the tremendous healing power of SEVEN planetary gongs (Earth, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter) to release long-held stress and tension.

Sit in one of our chairs or bring a yoga mat to lie down (if space allows). Relax, and emerge revitalized from the journey of a sound bath experience.

Many report feeling as if they have just had a massage, after a SOUND HEALING SESSION.


Sound Baths are guided meditations, with sound.  You will be with others in a group, during this session. Each Sound Bath (or series of Sound Baths) is unique, with a focus that is both collectively guided and personally appropriate.

These popular meditations tend to sell out.  Advanced payment is the only way to secure your spot and is strongly recommended.

Cost: $20.00

To see the schedule of upcoming SOUND BATHS, click the link below!

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