The Wisdom of Detachment, Part 2: For Lightworkers—Detaching from Clients, Students & Teachers

Practitioners of the healing arts, and those who share inter-connected energies with clients, students, and teachers in any field, are well-advised to tend to the energetic cords/chords that are established within the time-space connection between you and others, particularly those attachments that remain at the unseen levels.

Meeting Clients with Intention

At the foundation, as always, is your intention. Before opening the door (both literally and metaphorically speaking) to your client, the practitioner must tend to her own vibration. To not clear yourself, to not raise your own vibration in Divine Light before meeting another, makes you vulnerable to the the very misqualified energies which may be attached to the person coming to you for which they seek healing. If, for example, there are cracks in your own auric field, or fear vibrations working through you, or mental chatter of self-deprecation, you (vibrating at a lower level) will likely be affected by the lower energies surrounding the client or within the energetic environment. What assistance to others are you then?

It is a gift to you, your practice, a gift to others, and a gift to the planet to tend to your own energies, first. Self care is far from being self-ish; decidedly, it is a requirement for the Lightworker. Yet, so often the Lightbearer will convince herself that it is holy to deny the self, in order to help others. However, as we said in the first part of this writing, this thinking is based on debt-consciousness and lack. That is not the Divine Will. There is no need to suffer, to go without, as there is no limit to Divine Love, Divine Strength, and Divine Will. In fact, the healing arts practitioner must be clear and of a High vibration, to hold that Truth, Love, and Strength for the client.

Detachment Invocation

Hopefully, you have been taught a self-healing practice. However, even if you did not receive this in your own training, the Detachment Invocation in Part 1 will do nicely in setting the intention to remain safely disconnected from the energies brought through the client:

Sacred Fire Love,

Surround me with Violet Flame.

Protect my Light and Three-Fold Flame.

Detach my energies from this chord.

Create Harmony out of discord.

Raise the vibration, Highest and Best,

Free us from all the rest.

Bless these patterns and karmic cords.

Heal the energy. Centered. Restored.

As the Lightworker speaks this to herself prior to a session, consultation, or class, she will feel the upliftment and Light Connection fill the innerspace and surrounding environment. Using this, along with breath practice, at the beginning and ending of every session is quite helpful. As well, if there is a time during any session that feels inharmonious, agitated or threatening, this will assist you in re-establishing your ‘center,’ from which you can hold the space for Higher Healing energies. Of course, it is important for you to know and regularly acknowledge that the Higher Healing Energies are not created by you, but that they flow through you—the clear channel for Divine Presence. Never confuse the Source with the re-source.

Detachment from Students

The Reiki Master Teacher has most likely been taught the R symbol1 which is to be used at the end of the hands-on Reiki Attunement ceremony. This symbol is the energy of detachment, within the Loving vibration of Light. Once again, it is important to recall that detachment is not a withdrawal of Love, but it is a powerful act of Love, as it acknowledges and insists upon the freedom of all souls.

There are some forms of Reiki that no longer teach the R symbol at the third level. This is unfortunate, and every Reiki Master Teacher might want to receive Higher Guidance on the wisdom of using or not using that tool. Consult your Guides.

There have been times in my practice, where I have been Guided to use the R symbol during cord/chord cuttings, after sessions, and after classes. When I have asked for an explanation, it is often for multi-dimensional cords/chords that need to be sorted and released. There is no ambivalence in the use of the R symbol to do this. It is strong, and its objective is clear. Consider a meditation with R, to receive your own Guidance.

If you have been regularly seeing clients and students and have not practiced dedicated detachment protocols, it may be High Time to create a healing ceremony for yourself where you release and detach from every client you have every worked with and every student who has ever taken class from you. You will undoubtedly be pleasantly surprised what the return of your full Life Force energy will do for you. Once you experience this freedom, you will not let this piece go undone again.

There is no Good reason to stay attached through soul cords/chords with those for whom you have channeled Divine Presence Reiki or any other energy healing practice—and, alas, there are multiple negative reasons to remain ambivalent about such attachments.

Detachment from Teachers

Due to the nature of Reiki training, and the passing of attunements in the classic form of hands-on ceremony, the energetic connection between Reiki Master Teacher and student can be quite strong and deeply rooted. In most cases, I suspect, this is not something that causes one difficulty. However, I have been blessed with beautiful earthly teachers and Divine Guidance. Even so, it is important that the student detaches from the teacher, just as the teacher should release her students.

I tell my students that I am their teacher for now, to help them connect with the Highest Divine Energy possible. However, my goal is for them to have that unbreakable connection personally for themselves, for their True Teachers are within.

In the newer practices2 of receiving direct attunements, the cording is intentionally minimized, as the student is Attuned and Guided by Direct connection with Divine Spirit. This energy is not channeled, but is received through direct Revelation of Spirit, a truly sacred experience. That being so, it is still wise for the student to strengthen this energetic principle through her own being with dedicated practice. After “receiving”3 the attunements, the connection is strengthened and evermore directly accessed from within.

Detachment from the Human Reiki Lineage

So many, organizations and individuals alike, are myopically focused on Reiki lineage, needing to know the exact family tree relationships you have to the original channel, Dr. Mikao Usui. The implication is, of course, that the closer you are on your branch to the branch of Dr. Usui the “stronger” the healing energy will be. Perhaps this would be truth, if the energy came from Dr. Usui. However, it did not; and it does not. Reiki was received through direct Divine Revelation, as it is today. Many have forgotten this, and they willingly climb out onto a crowded branch to give their freewill and Divine gifts to their teachers and perhaps receive only what their teacher is able to share with them, in return. This is a debt/lack mentality where children of the Divine seek, to give and to get.

Being Divine Energy, Reiki is not strengthened in transference through human form. Divine energy is already infinitely unlimited in strength and potential and is not amplified through the human lineage. This energy circuit is not Reiki and has more in common with magic than healing. Be careful dear brothers and sisters of Divine Presence Reiki. Ascended Master Jesus Christ shares: “Reiki belongs to God. It should never be tethered to the lower vibrations of human form. Detach from all human teachers and all such lies of lineage.”

The Wisdom of Detachment

As a Lightworker, in all energy healing traditions and lineages, it is important to take a step back, regularly, for your own clarity, strength, and right connection, to confirm the Truth of your own Alignment. The complexities of the worldly situation snare us at unseen levels, when we do not wisely and willingly detach from all cords/chords and connections.

The world so needs you, the free and untethered you, who will carry the Light and hold the Truth for others, until they are willing and able to hold it for themselves. As well, the Lightworkers need to keep a pure and vigilant connection to the Light and Truth within, at a High enough vibration, to maintain an incorruptible connection to the Divine Guides and Chohans. Your Teachers are within.

  1. The initial of the first letter of the symbol’s mantra is used in order be able to speak of the symbol, without sharing it with those who have not been attuned to use it. Respectfully, this is customary when writing about the Reiki’s sacred symbols.
  2. One must acknowledge that this is not really a ‘newer’ practice, as it was how Dr. Usui first received his attunement to Reiki healing energy, directly through Spirit.
  3. The Reiki attunement does not “give” the student anything she doesn’t already have. However, the attunement does recalibrate the Divine Presence within for healing, allowing the student to get clear and raise her vibration.

Lori Torok, “The Wisdom of Detachment, Part 2: For Lightworkers–Detaching from Clients, Students & Teachers.”, 2020

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Lori Torok is a Reiki Master Teacher, Sound Healer, and Energy Artist who is honored to be a channel in service of the Divine. She is the owner of Eloia Healing Arts | Temecula Reiki Center.

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