Healing Energies of Citrus: Re-Thinking Comfort Food

Eight, or so, years ago I received a message from my Angelic guide, sharing the following: “Humanity does not yet fully understand the full potential and healing properties that citrus fruits hold for them.” At that time, I was also “told” that Archangel Michael’s favorite essential oil was orange oil. I asked a few more questions about citrus oils, specifically orange oil, received that citrus vibrates at a very high frequency and helps to clear the crown chakra. For the most part, I didn’t ask any more questions about citrus.

In 2017, during a Reiki session, information came flooding through – specific, clear, and enlightening. I was told to write this information down to share with others.1 This article is written with one of my beautiful Third Heaven Teachers, Maha Chohan.


Citrus, all parts of the fruit body, vibrates at a very high frequency and lifts the human energetic body along with it. This is known as entrainment, a form of sympathetic vibration and is an example of the Law of Vibration—Like vibrates like: Our vibrational frequency matches that which is around it. Food is both an external and internal stimuli.


The outermost layer of the fruit body contains its essential oils and phyto-chemicals, which protect and keep the entire fruit body healthy. For Humans, as you hold citrus, peel them, inhale their fragrance, you absorb their vibrational essence. You match their high vibration and vibrate higher, yourself. This is why citrus helps to open and clear the Crown chakra – it is that high of a frequency which resonates with the crown.

The next layer of citrus is the white pith. It is often bitter, soft, and similar to fibrous paper. It has the ability to absorb negative energy, in a way that is being shown to me, working very much like an eraser on a white board, but within the body form.

These two outer layers of most citrus are quite often the discarded wrappings, as you reach the inner sweet rewards of the fruit. However, Spiritual guidance is suggesting that we re-visit the citrus wrappings for higher vibrational possibilities, protection and wellness.


Kumquats are unique in this way, as they are one of the only citrus fruits that holds the rind as tongue-sweet and the inner flesh as the bitter. Eaten together, it is a unique and exhilarating experience. On an energetic and spiritual level, Kumquats possess the ability to help with a reversal of perspective and may help relieve instances of depression and feelings of hopelessness and despair. Kumquats may also bring balance between heart and mind, tempering the mental thoughts with loving kindness from the heart center.


Grapefruit2 is a powerhouse of energetic and spiritual clearing. Grapefruit clears cell memory, those instances when either outer life experiences, or even inner dialogue gets lodged into our cells. These cell-memories can disrupt your current vibration, as they are triggered by similar stimuli. Without the assistance that grapefruit offers, these cell memories replay and maintain the past in ways that may not be your intention or in your Highest and Best Good. Transmuting this energetic patterning can set you free from unintended programming you have allowed to vibrate at the cell level.

Here, the guidance also comes through that it is important to eat the grapefruit (and other citrus) as whole fruit, not as a juice, if you are trying to get the full energetic benefit of the fruit. The breaking apart of the divisible fruit segments, and chewing the even smaller juice-filled cells, is the metaphysical equivalent of releasing the disruptive energy stored in the cells of your body. To use grapefruit to release your body’s negative cell memories requires you to peel, divide, and break apart the cells within the fruit, as well.

When it comes to the variety of grapefruit, you might want to consider (or ask for guidance) as to what conscious cell-memories are resonating within you. Grapefruit can assist in releasing traumas that have been locked within chakras, related to your past experiences. (see box insert, above)


Oranges, tangerines, mandarin oranges, and all such varieties fall under this heading. These bring intense “healing energies to that which holds energy of the ‘broken.’” Whether this is a physical trauma, heartache, emotional abuse, or a broken spirit, “oranges hold the possibility of wholeness.” For some, this may be useful in recovery from addiction, repetitive weak thinking, co-dependence, self-sabotage, and the like. Orange is a strengthener.

Again, orange juice does not hold the same energies as the whole fruit body; similarly orange essential oil may be outstanding healing assistance, but do remember to peel, separate, and chew the whole fruit (with some of the pith) and occasionally the peel, to get the full effect as a metaphysical energetic aid.


Tangerines hold all of the energies described above, along with one additional gift. Those who are seeking energetic support for the process of forgiveness, whether going through the somewhat painful process of extending forgiveness to someone who has hurt you, or needing to ask for someone else to forgive you, tangerines–clementines (as they are sometimes called) can be very helpful. Allow the energy of the tangerine to flow through you, to surround your energetic field and to bring the higher vibration forward, in whatever way is highest and best. Tangerines hold the frequency of grace and mercy.


Perhaps it is because of the strong bitter flavor or because it is most usually a bright yellow connecting us to the sun’s energy, but Lemons, I am taught, “Encourage confidence.” Lemon clears negative energies, removes disruptive energies, and helps to move one forward on their life path. If you are finding yourself to be unfocused or ‘spinning your wheels,’ lemon can help you move out of the rut and into forward motion.

Eating lemon, whole, can be quite the challenge. But for those with strength of taste buds, the rewards may be worth the effort. Alternatively, gently grilling (not charring) lemon slices may soften the intensity just enough for you to enjoy the flesh, pith, and peel – giving you the much-needed boost to your energetic momentum. You can even keep the lemons refrigerated, after grilling, to keep them handy. A 3:00PM snack of grilled lemon slices can assist you in more ways than you may be aware of, as that 3:00PM slump is not just a post-lunch blood sugar drop, but often brings in disruptive energies of its own. Strengthening your confidence and connecting with your energetic core, may protect and lift the strength of your spiritual frequency, at a time in the day, when it is needed most.

Pink lemons are more rare and hold similar energetic properties as the more common yellow lemon. However, the energies (and perhaps the flavors as well) of the pink lemon are a bit more complex, as they help to shift the disruptive energies held in the heart chakra. Guidance also states that the pink lemon can assist with healing the disruptive vibrations resonating within the heart, which connect to past lifetimes.


Limes are a somewhat softer sibling to the lemon but equally as important to your spiritual frequency, as they work most directly with the heart chakra. Guidance attests, “Limes assist the overly stoic in opening to energetic flow and connecting more fully with others.” Releasing hard-hearted energies, limes can improve personal relationships and bring a more loving energy through day-to-day interactions. Lime energy corrects common imbalances, by supporting the toroidal flow through the heart and the electromagnetic/auric field around the body.


There is still much more to learn about the beautiful gifts with which the Earth provides us. You are encouraged to look with fresh eyes upon all that surrounds you, as you do not yet know what everything is for. Your comfort is around you. See what is truly there; hear what the message truly is. The Guidance is simple, “Keep listening.”

Lori Craig Torok is a Reiki Master Teacher, Sound Healer, and Energy Artist. She is the owner of Eloia Healing Arts | Temecula Reiki Center. This article was written at the request and with the direct help of my Third-Heaven Teacher, Maha Chohan. This article may be shared freely; credit must be included as follows:
http://www.TemeculaReikiCenter.com/”The Healing Energies of Citrus: Re-Thinking Comfort Food,” Lori Torok, MA/RMT, in channel with Holy Spirit, December 2017, additional material provided 2021.

  1. This information is intended for your metaphysical, spiritual, and physical consideration only. There are no prescriptions or medical directives here. Your own guidance must prevail. It is entirely your responsibility to consult with your physician before changing your diet in any way.
  2. Grapefruit has been known to interact with medications. Do consult with your physician before altering your diet in any way.

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  1. This is beautiful, I was just wondering why I’ve been craving lime and then lemon lately, and then stumbled on your article. This makes a lot of sense, thank you!

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