Reiki for Athletes & Performers

An Experiential Meditation Workshop

Monday, August 28

7:00 – 8:30PM

This workshop introduces Reiki precepts and techniques in mindfulness to help athletes and performers (and presenters of all types) focus their mental, emotional, and energy bodies to excel in physical performance.  Topics include maintaining a growth mindset, grounding breath, chakra balance, and holding the electromagnetic field in competition and performance.

All those interested in supporting their physical wellbeing and enhancing performance mindset are welcome.  All levels of athletics and performance are encouraged to attend.

NOTE: This is an inwardly-focused experience for balance and inner harmony, using the principles of Reiki. There is no “performance” during this experiential workshop.

This is a workshop for all ages 16 – 106. Participants under 18 should be accompanied by an adult.

What to bring:

Yoga Mat


Workshop Cost: $35.00




Neale Smith & M. Lori Torok


Neale Smith, MS, RM. Neale holds a Bachelor of Education and Master of Science in Applied Sport Psychology. He was mentored by Dr Ken Ravizza and was a touring golf professional for 10 years, playing on the Australian, Canadian & US PGA Tours. He has worked professionally as a mental game coach for the last 22 years, mostly with tournament golfers and athletes in many different sports. He has worked at over 300 PGA Tour events with clients. Neale continues to work on his own golf game & plays senior professional events. He is interested in all things metaphysical and is a Reiki Master, in multiple lineages.

M. Lori Torok, MA, RMT, CMRM, BFRP. Lori holds a Master of Arts in Dance and taught in Theatre Arts and Dance at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and Mt. San Jacinto College for a total of fourteen years. Prior to teaching, she was a professional dancer, singer, and actor in New York City–and performed for three years with the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes. Locally, she was the artistic director of Avocado Dance Theatre (2011 – 2019), in residence at the Old Town Temecula Theatre. Lori was led to Reiki and a world of energy and sound healing unfolded in her life, changing her path forever, from the inside out. She is the owner of Eloia Healing Arts| Temecula Reiki & Sound Therapy and the author of FORGIVENESS: Journey to a Clear Place.

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