Using Dr. Bach’s Flower Remedies is quite simple, as it was designed for each of us to be able to direct our own healing in a pleasant, easy, and agreeable manner.

When you receive your 30ml bottle of personalized Bach Essence Blend, you are instructed to take four (4) drops, four (4) times a day. You may take the drops directly in the mouth or into another liquid, such as water, tea, a smoothie, etc.

The first dose should be taken in the morning (upon waking, preferably) and the last dose taken before bedtime. These two doses are quite important. The other two doses should be spaced out rather evenly.

This is the recommended minimum. You may take it more often, if you feel you need it. It is safe and non-invasive.

Should you have any questions about your personal remedy blend, the directions, or any other matter about your experience, do not hesitate to contact Lori at I am happy to assist.