Sound/Vibrational Healing


“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

– Nikola Tesla

Good, Good, Good Vibrations

Everything in the world, all matter, vibrates.  Even your thoughts and your own energetic aura is vibration.
Sound is audible vibration; color is vibration made visible; and what we call ‘energy’ is vibration that is felt.


“Sound is the medicine of the future.”

                                         – Edgar Cayce



Sound is a very effective and enjoyable healing modality, proven to relax the body while entraining brain waves to lower frequency vibrational patterns.

Using tuning forks (weighted and un-weighted), bowls, chimes, and other hand instruments during a Reiki treatment may allow the body to release tension and balance energies in order to promote better circulation (energetic flow) and healing.


“The body is held together by sound. The presence of disease

indicates that some sounds have gone out of tune.”

– Dr. Deepak Chopra


Individual, small group, and community sound healing sessions are available.

  • Individual Sound Healing sessions usually begin and end with hands-on Reiki treatments, with the combined use of gongs, singing bowls, tuning forks, and voice. ($85/per hour session)
  • Small Group Sound Sessions are usually organized by the one who makes the appointment for the group.  You may bring up to six people for this intimate Sound Healing Meditation.  Hands-on energy healing is NOT conducted at these sessions. Individuals may bring yoga matts or blankets for their comfort. Gongs, singing bowls, and voice are regularly used during these sessions. ($125/ 90-minute session, up to six people)
  • Community Sound Meditations are scheduled by Eloia Healing Arts and are open to the community.  Reservations are strongly recommended.  Individuals may bring yoga matts or blankets for their comfort, or you can choose to sit in one of our comfy chairs. Gongs, singing bowls, and voice are regularly used during these sessions. ($20, per spot)


SOUND HEALING may be helpful with the following:

arthritis painindex-277x300

stiff joints

muscle soreness/strain





spiritual growth

Sound Bath at the Temecula Reiki Center