Holding Space: Forgiving the Small Stuff

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from: The Forgiveness Project – Mystical Healing for the Hurting World

What (you think) you see

Is actually judgment.

Reflecting on the infinite number of times I am loosened from my center by the gaze of judgment, the hurting beings around me, the indignation of co-shoppers, the rage of co-travelers on life’s roadways, the feeling-soup in which I myself find to be simmering as I read news headlines or try to make my way right through queues, questions, and quandaries, I prayed for assistance.

In the past, these are the times I would find myself reacting in a way that was not my intention and far from my best. In past meditations on Forgiveness, I was Guided to release my judgment, to know that I was eventually going to get over the stress and forgive the person/situation. Eventually. This was not going to last for long in my vibrational field, so “Get there faster,” I heard.

This made a lot of sense to me, and I spent some time considering how to do that. However, I would invariably get caught up in the emotional qualities that would spin me around for far too long, usually disguised as justified complaining, disappointment, or anger. See, like many, I would analyze my feelings, evaluating the strength of my anger/discontent, by how deep the wound was or how objectively “right” I was compared to the “other.” I tried to get there faster, by fast forwarding the inner argument, trying to get to the end of the inner trial quicker—myself being victim, prosecutor, jury, and judge. This sure was a lot of mental energy expended in the wrong direction.

And, of course, the final outcome was forgiveness, I mean we are not talking about life and death situations here—but we are talking about the small things that come up on the daily agenda for the growth of the soul. I needed to avoid the trial phase at all, for judgment was at the center of that misguided exercise.

After asking for the mental focus to hold the space of forgiveness on a moment-by-moment basis, for the seemingly small irritations that arise from living on the planet with billions of other beings who see and do things differently from myself, I was given the grace of a mantra. This mantra sees me through those times when I am asked to give more than I can at the moment, when I am involved in making dinner, but a family member needs me to urgently to tend to their needs; when I cannot be in two places at once (yet); when I am feeling overwhelmed, stretched too thin, not enough, or anxious.

See, no one wants to go through life irritated and annoyed by others. No one wants to lose their connection to their Higher Self and Inner Light. For me, I find mantras to be exceedingly helpful. I have made it a practice to walk to the rhythm of a mantra, creating a syncopated soundscape for the time-being. When I asked my beautiful Angels of Forgiveness for assistance with the lower feelings of irritation, to help me bring my focus back to the loving center of the heart, I was given the mantra below.

I am undisturbed

in the Light

of Forgiveness

Simple and profoundly effective. This mantra calls in the Light, Divine Light. Light is the centerpiece of this simple statement, and it holds the vibration of the intention by surrounding the speaker/thinker. Calling in the Light of Forgiveness, releases my judgment, instantly, for it removes my focus on the other person/situation and the judgment I was holding and brings me back to my center, where I can hold space for Light.

The I am statement activates the three-fold flame within the Heart chamber, reminding me of the spark of the Divine, already present, within, keeping me centered and undisturbed and held within the Light.

This creates a Field of Forgiveness, in the Light around and through the speaker. This activates Forgiveness as a quality of the Divine along the mindful path of intentional living. This is a powerful invocation for anyone who wishes to raise their vibration and maintain Divine Strength, Divine Wisdom, and Divine Love on their day-to-day journey.

(c) Lori Torok, 2021. All Rights Reserved.

3 Comments on “Holding Space: Forgiving the Small Stuff

  1. Timing for this read is impeccable! Thank you for sharing a simple wonderful way to Peace 💗🙌

  2. Thank you for your comment. Divine timing always brings us exactly what we need, when we need it. Blessings of gratitude.

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