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Upcoming Events/ Workshops/Classes

Wednesday, August 17th  7 – 9PM

Pendulum Workshop

horacio_pendulumLearn to use a pendulum as a vibrational tool for personal/spiritual connection and healing. This two-hour workshop will introduce you to the many uses and techniques of dowsing with a pendulum, with time for guided practice. A pendulum is required for this workshop. Bring your own pendulum or choose one available for purchase ($10 – 15) at the Temecula Reiki Center.

Bring a notebook or journal.
Bring your own pendulum or purchase one available for sale at Temecula Reiki Center.

Workshop is limited to ten attendees.

Cost of Workshop: $20


Secure your spot, with advanced payment, $20


Saturday, August 20th (1:00 – 6:00PM)

Sunday, August 21st (12:00 – 6:00PM)


violet-hands-lightThis two-day class teaches the history, background, and uses of Reiki (in the Usui tradition). Guided meditations and practice using Reiki energy healing on yourself, animals, and in clearing spaces is the primary focus of the class. Beginning uses in treating others with Reiki is also covered in this class.

Four separate attunements are given during this two-day class, which meets from 12:30 – 6:00pm on both days. Course materials and light snacks are included in the cost of the class. A personalized certificate for Reiki I is also given at the end of the course.

Class is limited to six (6) students. Class cost: $200.

A $50.00 deposit will hold your place in this class; without a deposit, your seat cannot be held. To submit your deposit, click the PayPal link below. Contact me at EloiaHealingArts@gmail.com to complete your registration and/or discuss other payment options. Cash, credit, or checks are accepted.


Reiki I Course Deposit $50.00

Wednesday, August 24th  7:00 -8:30PM

Sound Bath


Connect with the vibrations of the universe and the energy centers within the body, with SOUND! Feel physical, mental, and emotional fatigue melt away with sound waves.

Allow the beautiful vibrations of chakra-tuned crystal and metal singing bowls, along with the tremendous healing power of SEVEN planetary gongs (Earth, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter) to release long-held stress and tension.

Bring a yoga mat to lie down, or sit in one of our chairs–whichever you choose. Relax, and emerge revitalized from the journey of a sound bath experience. Many report feeling as if they have just had a massage, after a SOUND BATH.

Sound Bath Cost: $20

See you there!

Saturday, August 27, 2016  1 – 5:30PM

Crystal Reiki Healing, Level I

IMG_2438This is an introductory course in using rocks, minerals, and crystals during Reiki Healing sessions. Learn about vibrational healing properties within some of the more common rocks and crystals–how to incorporate them in effective healing sessions, with placement, spirit connection, and intention. Learning how to clear and program crystals, with intuitive guidance is an important part of the this class–as well as using crystals to assist in clearing energies from spaces with Reiki and gridding.

Students will receive several crystal specimens to use in their Reiki and meditation sessions. A student manual and all materials needed for the class will be provided. Light healthy snacks and water will also be available. A personalized certificate of completion will be given at the end of the course.

Level I (only) Course Fee =  $70

Levels I & II (Saturday + Sunday) = $100

Class size is limited to 10.  Pre-registration/payment is strongly encouraged, to reserve your space.


Crystal Reiki Healing Class, Level I, only ($70)



Crystal Reiki Healing Class, Levels I & II – $100.00

Sunday, August 28, 2016 1 – 5:30PM

Crystal Reiki Healing, Level II

IMG_2439At the second level of Crystal Reiki Healing, you will learn more about the synergisitc effects of combining crystal energies, using crystal grids for intentional healing, meditation, and deep connection to other dimensions. Advanced grids will be explored for healing work on self and others.

Use of higher-vibrational crystals will be explored through this second-level class. Gem elixirs and sound healing with crystal vibration will be explored during this class.

Full Crystal Reiki Healing sessions will be taught, with practice and feedback, for students to give and receive during this class time. A personalized certificate of completion will be given at the end of the course.

Pre-requisite:  Crystal Reiki Healing, Level I

Level II (only) Course Fee =  $30

Levels I & II (Saturday + Sunday) = $100

Class size is limited to 10.  Pre-registration/payment is strongly encouraged, to reserve your space.


Crystal Reiki Healing Class, Level II (only) – $30.00


Crystal Reiki Healing Class, Levels I & II – $100.00





Saturday, September 17 & Sunday, September 18

[Saturday 1:00 – 6:00PM] and [Sunday 12:00 – 6:00PM]


shutterstock_columnoflightThis two-day class attunes Reiki I practitioners to the second-level of Usui Reiki. In this class, you will learn the power of distance healing, a deeply profound use of Reiki healing energies which can be used to heal the past, childhood issues, and even future experiences. The Reiki II student will learn the healing symbols and will be given practice in working with the symbols in both physical and distant-healing session. Students also learn to use a pendulum in receiving energetic guidance.

Two separate attunements (a clearing and opening of the throat and third eye chakras) are given during this two-day class, which meets from 1 – 6:00pm on Saturday and 12 – 6:00 on Sunday.  Short breaks (5 – 10 mins) are given regularly throughout the class. Course materials, a pendulum of your choice, and light snacks are included in the cost of the class. A personalized certificate for Reiki II is also given at completion of the course. At the end of this course, you will feel ready to treat others as a Reiki II Practitioner, in the Usui Tradition.

Those who have received Reiki I attunements elsewhere are welcome (as long as 21 days have passed since your level I training and that you can show your Reiki I certificate). I welcome all who are eager to move forward with their practice and training!

Contact me at EloiaHealingArts@gmail.com to discuss details about payment and to register for the class. Cash, credit/debit, and checks are accepted.

Class Cost:  $250.

A $50 deposit is required to register and hold your place in this class. Class size is limited to six. To pay for the class, or just the deposit, click the PayPal link below.


Saturday, November 5th & Sunday, November 6th

[Saturday 1:00 – 6:00PM] and [Sunday 12:00 – 6:00PM]

Reiki Master/Reiki Master Teacher Certification Course

shutterstock_160258670.jpgReiki II practitioners who have undergone a full year of practice and are serious about their spiritual growth and the further development of their Reiki practice, may wish to join us for this special certification class. This two-day course is divided into two main sections: Reiki Master and Reiki Master Teacher.

In this course, you will be attuned to the Reiki Master symbol, bringing great Light, clarity, and alignment through the Crown chakra. Also, you will meet your Reiki Guide, who is dedicated to assisting you in your Reiki practice. Further, you will learn how to attune others, as a Reiki Master Teacher (RMT) and will be given methods for the instruction of Reiki I, Reiki II, and Reiki Master Classes.

All course materials are provided, and a personalized professional certificate is earned at the end of this course.

A joyous celebration on the physical level, as well as in the Spiritual Realm, becoming a Reiki Master is a tremendous gift to receive and to give to yourself. This should not be undertaken without serious soul-involvement. Anyone wishing to discuss their personal process, growth, or sense of ‘readiness,’ should feel free to contact me (eloiahealingarts@gmail.com). I’m happy to discuss and help in any way I can.

Course cost: $400
Course Deposit: $100 (holds your place in the class)
(refunded only if at least 7 days prior class start date)

Class size is limited to 5 – register early, if you know you are ready for this next step in your practice!


Reiki Master/RMT: Course Deposit $100

Sunday, December 11th   1 – 6:00PM


Pre-Requisite:  Reiki I (Reiki II, recommended)

EssentialOilsEnhance your Reiki practice with the vibrational healing support of therapeutic Essential Oils.  This class will cover essential oil uses in everyday life, frequency reactions (with Hz charts and scientific background), and methods of applications to balance chakras, seal auras, release blockages, restore energetic flow, and enhance protection during Reiki sessions for yourself and others.

Clearing essential oils with Reiki energy and techniques of using Reiki guidance to choose the “correct” oils for specific situations will be discussed.  Using Reiki during vita-flex, reflexology, and Raindrop Reiki will also be taught.

This one-day course will take your Reiki to another level, by bringing the natural energies of Earth, directly into your healing sessions, through the use of Essential Oils.  There is no high-pressure sales in this class–this is solely about the identification, vibration, and application of essential oils during Reiki Healing sessions. Raindrop Reiki will also be taught and demonstrated during this class.

This class is is offered in two different “tracks”:

Class Only: $65 (no certificate)

Class + Essential Oil Reiki Certificate of Completion (includes a take-home test to be successfully completed before the certificate is earned): $90

This class is limited to ten (10) students.  All materials are provided for this class, including a printed manual for students.

Advanced registration is recommended; you may submit payment below.  Refunds are given if the class is cancelled by the instructor or if the student cancels at least five days prior to the class. If you have paid for the class, but miss it, your payment can be transferred to another Essential Oil Reiki class being offered at a later date.  Contact me via email for questions or concerns: Eloiahealingarts@gmail.com 

essential-oilsRegister Below:


$65 – Class Only (no certificate)


$90 – Class + Certificate



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