My Studies at the Bach Centre

I have been working personally with Bach Flower Essences for over 25 years, using them for my own journey, giving them family members, and recommending them to friends, as Guided. I had even been known to cook with them, in some of my favorite recipes! Until now, my studies have been informal, on a personal level, reading as much as I could about Dr. Bach and his Flower Remedies.

In mid-2019, I enrolled in a distance course for the first level of training at the Bach Centre. It brought new insights and understandings, which only formal study can really bring. With a trip to England (from September – December 2019), I furthered my relationship with the Bach Centre and took the Level 2 and Level 3 coursework, in person.

When I began to learn more, I discovered two other streams that had been flowing through my work and how they directly intersect with Dr. Bach’s essences–working with the Elementals (particularly of Earth and the Flower Kingdom) and the Elohim (God-Creator Energy). Dr. Bach’s writings and public talks support the Higher Consciousness he was seeking and channeling during his lifetime. This also reaffirms my personal journey with the essences and a larger vision and purpose to my studies. Where these streams flow into the future, is yet to be seen.

I am happy to share the Bach Flower Essences with my clients and students, for their own growth and transformation. I completed my coursework and was accepted into the Bach Foundation International Register in April, 2020 and thusly became a BFRP (Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner).

Allow me to share some photos from my time in Brightwell-cum-Sotwell, Wallingford, England–a beautiful place.