Higher Love: Alchemy of the Heart

Many of us have made the choice, whether a conscious one or that choice-by-not-choosing (a seeming factory-default setting) to “protect” ourselves by closing the Heart. It seems to make some sense, at the lower vibrations. We are hurting creatures—you’ve been hurt. I’ve been hurt. In fact, the world is in a constant state of pain, and its source appears to coming from somewhere outside ourselves. Someone “other” must have hurt me. I was the recipient of this pain. Follow that line of thinking to its conclusion, and, dare I say, I become a victim. There it is—the enormous word that stops all energy: victim. The end-of the-line for the un-empowered. Victim.

Now, I do not dismiss the difficulties of life, the times when someone truly set out to harm another. There are criminals, predators, and abusers at every level, on every block of this Good Earth. Crime and abuse happens, and it happens a lot. That, too, happened to me. It probably happened to you, as well: someone in your lifetime, as a child, teen or adult, took your power, stole your life-force energy, replacing it with the seed of victimhood.

Some of us can’t get past that piece, and we have been nurturing this seedling, giving it everything it needs to grow into a strong (un)healthy plant of resentment and disappointment. With only a little effort, it may even begin to take over the garden, overshadowing the potential of rich, colorful flowers and other beneficial plant-life.

These are not new insights. A healthy adult is usually well-aware of the weeds that grow in their garden, or the scars that are held with so much care and importance that they become badges of dis-honor, a reward of the hurting. Souvenirs from the trips to painful places. Why would we do this to ourselves? Yes, “to ourselves.” You see, this part, the nurturing of the hurt does not come from outside ourselves. This, my beloveds, is an inside job. So, I ask again, Why in the world would we do this to ourselves?

Perhaps the answer lies in our desire to connect with others who have earned the same badge. Misery does, indeed, love company, after all. And don’t we all crave community?

Community can and does develop out of our hurt. We find support and friendship through our common hurts. This can become very helpful, to overcome the feelings of aloneness, solitude, and even depression. We are able to tell our stories to those who will understand. Share. Commiserate. Hold Space. Sounds lovely and loving.

A Neighborhood Watch

This community tends to “watch out” for its members, in a shared space of fear. It is a continual hyper-vigilance, a scanning of the area, to make sure the member does not fall prey again. And what happens to the individual? What happens to the Heart? The walls are erected, thicker, higher. Some may mistakenly call this “freedom,” because no one can get to you/me. However, it is anything but free. Closed is not free. Closed is a trap, locked up tight by fear.

What happens out in the community, happens within the community of your four lower bodies (physical, emotional, mental, causal/memory) too. With physical harm, the emotional and mental bodies tend to raise the guard, trying to keep a step ahead of all possible intruders within the community. With emotional hurts, the physical and mental bodies may tighten its watch, bringing great strain and tension. The same is true with mental health, the physical and emotional systems are drawn into this 24/7 community watch program. And each of these resonate outward into the energetic system of the causal/memory body, making it difficult for the person to access the vibrations of Higher Truth, in the here and now, which otherwise would be available to him/her. It becomes difficult, improbable, to receive Higher Guidance in this state of constant fear, protection, and hyper-vigilance, because closed is closed in both directions.

Chakras as Neighborhoods within a Community

Clients come to me regularly with the intention of opening up the third eye, to be able to receive Higher Communication from their Angelic Guides. And it is true, that the work of the transmutative portal of the Third Eye/Pineal Gland connection can allow you to receive Guidance from your Higher Self and Angelic Guides. However, myopic preoccupation with that chakra, alone, has propagated much misunderstanding within the system. All internal (and communal, for that matter) systems must work together for energy transference to easily inform each and every energy center within the body. As with society, as a whole, we cannot focus solely on one neighborhood, giving it every resource, to the detriment of the rest.

My Angelic Guides have taught me that the individuation of the chakras, energy portals within the body. Are an image of the un-healed system. The rainbow break-up that represents the octave of chakras within the human body are the very separation we came here to overcome. In light, all colors of the spectrum come together to create pure white light. That is the goal; that is the healing of the body—within the body of the individual, as well as the collective body of humanity.

We must go back to review the supply-chain, the re-Source of Love.

Love is NOT an Emotion

Love isn’t something outside of ourselves, something to go get, earn, achieve, or win, for if it were, it can also be withheld, forfeited, and lost. Some operate at the level of the latter, love as a commodity. However, that is also a picture, like the rainbow break-up of the chakras, of the un-healed system.

Love is. You are Love. There is no need to leave your Home to go find this thing that feels so elusive and ever out-of-reach. It is. You are. Love.

Like all great hero stories of Western literature, there is a point at which every hero discovers the very thing he set out to find or win, was always within him. Please, dear friends, can I give us all, each and every one of us, permission, here and now, to click our heels together three times, and get on with it? You are Love. Done. You are already there, because you never left. Love. Real Love, with a capital L, is with you now, just as it has always been.

As physical beings, embodied, in the physical world, we might ask, “well, then, where exactly is it located?” The answer, still to be “discovered” by science, is in a secret chamber behind the physical heart, in the three-fold flame, spark of the Divine Presence within.

These are physical sensations as well as heightened feelings, not emotions.

Love has taught me a few important lessons:

  • Love is unlimited by Source and Supply.
  • Love is unchanging.
  • Love is of God; God is Love.
  • Love is not an emotion, for emotions change, shift, and swirl, often very quickly. Emotions are lower vibrations, centered in the solar plexus. The energy there is complicated and often chaotic, because it is always changing, like human will.
  • Love is centered in the Heart Chakra. This is a place of Divine Connection, Divine Strength and Divine Wisdom.
  • Divine Love lives in the secret chamber of the Heart, waiting to be called upon, when the individual is ready to use it (yes, use it, not just feel it).

The Heart Chakra, as well as the fourth layer of the Auric Field, acts as a bridge, a connection to the Higher levels/octaves of your Being. Not all of us regularly get to the place of Heart Awakening, as we get so caught up the tumult of the emotions—and those can feel very real, indeed. But I need to remind us all that they are not. It can be helpful to remember that emotions are physical sensations, often experienced through chemical activations, think of it as energy in motion, e-motions.

Fear lives in the Solar Plexus. Love lives in the Heart. They are in the same neighborhood, but not at the same address. And sometimes it can even feel like there is something within not wanting to trust Love.

Fear has also taught me a few things:

  • Fear is easier to access; it is loud, and it speaks first.
  • Fear demands attention, a lot of it.
  • Fear is irrational (of course it is, it is an e-motion).
  • Fear needs you to feel out of control, because just about anything can happen out there, and you will never be safe.
  • Fear would like you to believe that it knows the way; fear would like you to trust it, in order to overcome it. (This is not possible, nor is it Truth, but more fear talking)
  • Fear keeps you moving, perhaps in the inner landscape, but it can also keep you searching for the answers outside yourself.
  • Fear is afraid. Fear will no longer be, if you moved on up out of the emotions of the Solar Plexus, to the Light of the Heart. Fear is afraid for its life, as Light always dissipates the dark.

If we’re honest about our experience of fear, it feels like that—a life or death crisis. A seemingly small experience of fear, triggers an all-out battle to the death.

Humanity is caught in this battle on two fronts, in the inner landscape, as well as in the outer world. Individuals are locked somewhere in the place between the Solar Plexus and the Heart, living at two different addresses, if you will, sometimes reaching great heights of True Love, with its feelings of expansive universal connection, then plunging back to the fear and all that drama has to offer the overworked ever-churning adrenals (an exhausted center of control).

The present state of the planet is an outward demonstration of this very inward conflict. The answer, though, requires each and every one of us to learn the difference between Love and Fear. And more importantly, that you cannot work with both at the same time, without creating great conflict. A conflict within will undoubtedly create conflict without.

What Are You Going To Do?

Years ago, I had an experience where I called to Archangel Michael to assist with something that I found frightful. A quick prayer to Archangel Michael will undoubtedly bring protection, and a loving sense of security; I had been Blessed to know His Presence in my life many times before. So, this particular time, I called to this beautiful Archangel to assist me, while I perceived I was uncertain and felt vulnerable (I honestly don’t recall what the specific situation was at the time). I felt His unique and unmistakeable presence instantly, as he held the space around me, and heard Him say, “Yes, I am here. I will assist, but what are you are going to do?”

This question changed the rules of the ‘game.’ I thought I knew my place in this equation. I thought my only obligation was to call upon this Divine Messenger and Great Protector, delegating the job of my safety to Someone who knows better than I. But now this Beautiful Being is asking something of me. What could I do? I wasn’t even sure what the cause of the disruption was. Archangel Michael instructed me to change my own vibration, my own energy from that of fear to that of Love. You see, I had called in both fear and Love at the same time.

If Love were a Light, and it truly is, then Love casts out the shadow, in which fear hides. Love does not do battle with fear, for they do not exist in the same time and place. Think of a dark room. When you turn on a light, no matter how seemingly small, the light spills evenly into the darkness, lifting the dark away. The lower vibration of darkness is transformed into the higher octave of light-ness. The dark does not overcome the light, but light does indeed overcome the dark. And so it is within the inner landscape.

The Heart is a higher vibrational frequency than the Solar Plexus. In musical terms, with sound frequencies, the Solar Plexus (E) as a full step lower than the frequency of the Heart (F). By centering into the Heart, you are (at)tuning your personal energy field to a Higher Frequency. In sound healing work, this is referred to as entrainment, where the higher vibration will lift the lower vibration. At its most fundamental level, this is based on the Law of Vibration: Like vibrates like.

So, it seems that we have a choice—and the Law of Freewill concretizes that—do you want to attune your frequency to the lower energies of fear or the Higher vibrations of Love? The choice is ours, every individual is choosing, every minute of every day. Those choices vibrate out into the individual’s field, and they inform the collective field, resonating with everyone else’s energy centers, bringing up lower emotions like fear and/or Love.

Archangel Michael taught me to call in one or the other, not both. By remaining fearful, I was conferring power to the fear; and by calling in Light I was bringing in Higher vibrations, as well. Trying to work with both, creates chaos. In a physical world example, when you play the tones of E (Solar Plexus) and F (Heart) at the same time, the frequencies are not in harmony, but are dissonant to each other, as are fear and Love.

The Hero Unaware

What are you telling me? Protection isn’t necessary? Leave my doors unlocked and throw out my pepper spray? My Heart is my new security system?

Blessed be. Someday, yes.

I am shown that Love is the Highest and Strongest protection that we have. And someday we will consciously choose to risk our comfortable relationship with fear and venture into the unknown chambers of the Heart, opening the Secret Chamber of the Heart (a la a metaphysical Indiana Jones) to allow Love out of the dust of human emotion, to lead the way—Divine Love, that is, not the lower frequency of emotional/physical love, but the Heart Love, uplifted with the flaming sword of Truth. This is what happens when we pull Love up and out of the muddy places of human emotion and restore it to its rightful place of the Heart Center.

I am also shown that this is not just a figurative/poetic idea of reaching a Higher Love.1 It is a literal and physical activity of pulling Love out of the lower chakras and placing it into the literal Heart center of the physical body. Love is waiting to be rescued, from the inside. When Love is brought back to its seat of the Heart, we will no longer need to experience the drama of the emotional conflict. Emotions will no longer overtake the beauty of the journey. We, once again, will have control over the emotional body, and all the dis-ease that comes with it.

Fear Will Negotiate for Co-Existence

I used to think I could keep both—driving my life’s vehicle forward with a fully wide and open heart, and keep fear as a passenger in the back seat. Listening to its warnings and complaints (sometimes screams), but not giving it much authority on the road. The operative word, being much. Making friends with fear, giving it a voice in my life, has created its own turmoil, particularly, since my emotions can act like poorly-behaved children, demanding attention and validation of their own.

I have come to realize that fear does not play nicely with others, and if it is allowed to come along for the ride, it will eventually try to take the wheel whenever the driver is too tired, weak, or worn-out to be the adult in the car.

Emotions are like that. They rise with triggers, both mild and severe, or even with the mere energetic imprint of a memory/cause, and they will argue and fight for their lives. Their very existence depends on your willingness to validate and to give them a voice. They are centered in the Solar Plexus, the place of will, human will. And I fully believe we are here to master (through the strength of our will power, or with grace, Divine Will) our emotions. They are not real, until we give them life. Otherwise, emotions serve to reveal to us the areas that still need to healed within us, for that service, I am grateful to my emotions. But otherwise, I am in charge, here. I’ll be doing the driving. Fear is not invited.

“Love is not an emotion. You have control over your emotions. Love is a Divine Power, meant to heal and restore. It is time to put Love in its proper place, in the Heart. Restore Love; restore Life.”

Goddess Kuan Yin

We Call That Love, Too

Fear pulls the energy of Love down into the emotional storm (like solar flares) of Solar Plexus and attempts to diminish Love (love, lower case, at this point), equal with all the other emotions, making us think that the very thing we have as a super-power-asset, is actually a liability. When love fell into the lower chakras, we lost our birthright and sacred flame, our Divine Power. I am shown that this is the “fall” of modern man, the lowering of Love into the ground/density of the lower chakras—an em-burial of sorts, perhaps embodiment, itself. And that’s if we’re optimistic.

The fact is that many have lowered the Divine Energy of Love even further within the physical, to the sacral chakra or even the root, as an exercise of passion or physical expression only. We call that love, too. With lower-energy’s sexual expression masquerading as love, we also find issues of addiction, control, abuse, manipulation, and power over others. Very low energies, indeed.

“Surrender in the Heart to Love, not to your emotions. Your emotions require mastery. Love requires nothing.”

Goddess Kuan Yin

Love Consciousness and Alchemy

There have been Great Teachers, Way-Showers, who have come to this planet to speak of Love. The Christed Beings, the Ascended Masters, have spoken of our Divine connection to Love, as they themselves were Divine manifestations of Love. They speak of the Way of Ascension as not necessarily following them on a physical path or in copying particular actions, but in holding Love.

The Way of our own Ascension may very well be in the journey between two chakras, the solar plexus and the heart. To live in the energy of Christ Consciousness, Buddha Consciousness, Divine Presence, or Love, the individual will dive down into the lower chakras and locate the Presence of Love, wherever it has been residing. Raise that love, and bring it Home, where Divine Love reigns, in the Heart.

When Divine Love is centered in its seat of Divine Power, Divine Wisdom unfolds to temper, align, balance and attune each of the chakras. Here, the action of the Heart opening is a healing, empowerment and upliftment. Love is the alchemy needed—a raising of the lower energies to the Higher octaves. Being in Love, resolves/harmonizes all other lower energies: cooling the inflammation of solar flares, quieting the tumult of the sacral waters, releasing the density of the base chakra, just as the dark is resolved by the Light.

You don’t need to know how to alchemize lower energies, with Love. You just need to be willing to do it. The willingness is the bridge from the solar plexus to the heart.

Mother Mary.

Meditation for the Heart

Here is a personal meditation practice to assist with the journey from the lower emotions to the Higher Heart.

As you take a deep breath and allow yourself to be comfortable. Know that in your space you are perfectly safe and protected by beautiful Archangels, Ascended Masters, and the Elohim who surround you, now and always, pouring Love into you—unlimited and unceasing.

Place your left hand over your heart and your right hand on the sacral chakra, in the lower abdomen.

Knowing that you have never been separated from Divine Love, for your Soul was created in Divine Love, we gently lean into the question, “What happened to the Love inside me? Where are you now?”

Allow your thoughts to come forward to offer multiple answers to the question, fearing nothing in this process, gently noticing all answers that arise. Notice what you notice. Whatever you are shown here, allow, without judgment or criticism of any kind. It just is. Do not to fear the emotions that arise, they mean no harm.

Perhaps a collection of lower vibrations, resonating with a similar frequency come forward in your consciousness. Memories, emotions, disappointments, regrets, fears. Allow all of it. When you get a sense of the chord that is vibrating, the tone with a common connection, you will be able to move on.

Physically grasp the energy in your right hand, (it may feel like a bit of theatrical pantomime at this point, but willingness is all). Allow both hands to hold this energy. Hold it in front of you, palms upward and look at it. See what you see/notice what it truly is. This “seeing” may be a physical representation of color, shape, light, or it may be more of an abstract seeing with the inner eye. However, it may also be a sensation or inner knowing. In whatever way the vibration comes forward for you, allow and take notice.

No longer be afraid of this energy, allow the light, (invisible with the physical eye) the light of the Rays of the Great Sun – – Divine Creator energy of the Elohim to alchemize this memory, emotion, aspect, shadow of the self.

Allow the energy in your hands to change, saying, “I am willing to feel this differently.” Notice the transformation/holding Golden Light of the Great Sun, colored Light of the Great Rays, or the transformational energy of the Violet flame. Repeat: “I am willing to feel this differently.”

Notice how the energy behind the vibration has changed. Sometimes the mind will no longer be able to see “it,” as it was. The vibration is changed.

Work with this until you are holding nothing but Love for the experience. See Love, Feel Love.

A written word, or a symbol of the heart, or a glowing ball of light emerges in your hands. Saying the word. “Love,” out loud if you can, place Love physically, with your hands, into your physical Heart Center. Accepting Divine Love back into your heart. Keeping your hands over your heart, feel the expansive nature of this energy, move through your body.

Repeat this process as much as you wish, going back to the question, “What happened to the Love inside me? Where are you now?.”

Repeat this process as many times as you wish, until the heart feels full and energized. Healing has begun.

This may be a place for you to pause, as the process may take several sittings to fully and permanently change your vibrational patterns.

As more balance returns to the body, you will begin sending that Love out into the electromagnetic field around you. That electromagnetic field is connected to the electromagnetic field of the Earth. Allow that Loving Field to inform the electromagnetic field of the entire planet. Sending the Love from your heart out into the world. This is a one-way, uni-directional flow of energy.

Do not go searching for particular disruptions or lower energies, by planning “where” you think this is needed. Love is Divine and Intelligent, it will flow where it needs to. You are holding the Light, sending the Light, and that is a very distinct activity from looking for the dark.

If your undisciplined mind has brought you to vibrations of discord, simply bring the work back to your personal practice, repeating what you practiced earlier. Hold the fear, image, painful energy in your hands – outside your body – but still in your field. Call in Divine Light (working with the Great Sun or the Violet Flame, will be quite effective), allow the energy to change, until you hold nothing but Love. Speak the word, “Love,” and physically place it into the Heart.

Anchor Love – only Love – into your heart. Breathe and remain in the Field of Love, feeling it move through you, surrounding you, and ever-expanding outward.

Keep It Light

It may take you weeks/months or longer to be able to hold the space of Love as you share it with the planet. That is the work. Try doing that in your daily life, as well. When in the presence of disharmony, consciously/willingly open your Heart and send that unlimited supply of Unconditional (Divine) Love out to the conditions which would seem to cause disruption/dysfunction.

I never do this work alone, as we did at the beginning of the meditation, above, I call to my Archangels, the Ascended Beings, the Elohim for their Guidance, Teachings, and Protection. I trust you have One or more you feel attuned to, to work with. These beautiful Teachers are so very ready and willing to be with each and every one of us.

As you raise your vibration, you raise the vibration of the Collective field of those around you. This is more effective than judgment, lecturing, and even trying to “prove” anything to anyone, for we know those are ineffective practices. This is different in that it is not trying to do anything but shift the space within. It is the very definition of holding space – holding Love.

Blessed be.

  • At this time, your inner musical mind might be bringing up the 1986 hit song, written by Steve Winwood and Will Jennings, with Chaka Khan, “Higher Love.” It was later covered by Whitney Houston and Kygo. I was a teenager when this song topped the charts and would sing along with great enthusiasm. However, it wasn’t until the writing of this piece, when I looked up the lyrics (something you couldn’t do in 1986), and recently discovered that I heard it wrong and have been singing it incorrectly for the last 35 years.
    See, I had alway heard/sung, “Make me a higher love.” It is repeated dozens of times in the song, and each and every time I heard, “Make me a higher love.” Apparently, the lyrics are actually “Bring me a higher love.” I was so certain of my inner ear, that I recently researched all versions of the song and listened through to the end, thinking there must be some variation I recall, or some change in the lyric as the song progresses. But, alas, no.
    Hmmm. I think my 16-year old self, new this change/need that is being sought by the composers/singers would not be something brought to them. This had to come from the inside. With all due respect to Mr. Winwood and Mr. Jennings, this song—or how the listener resonates with it, wherever it lives within—needs to become, “Make me a Higher Love.” We must become that which we are seeking. Even as I compare the energy of the two statements:
    Bring me a Higher Love
    Make me a Higher Love
    There is strength and expansion that comes through when we speak the latter. Try it. Compare the energy of both, inside. Speak them, repeat them, like mantras.
    Can you feel a difference?
    This is the shift.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this! An answer to a question I’ve been asking for a while now. Blessings Lori!

  2. Thank you, Briana. I’m glad this was helpful to you on your journey.

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