Can I order without a consultation?

Dr. Bach bottle of ‘Mother Tincture,’ Bach Centre, Brightwell-cum-Sotwell, UK. Photo: LTorok

Dr. Bach made his system of flower essences/remedies based on the idea of simplicity so that everyone can take charge of his own health and wellbeing.

Feel free to look at the list of 38 remedies + Rescue Remedy (the emergency blend). If you know which remedies you would like in a single mixture, we’d be happy to create that mixture/treatment bottle for you. It could be available for pick up or we can drop it in the mail for you. I keep the full set of remedies on hand, so you should have no trouble getting what you need.

Since this is without a consultation, I will not comment, recommend, or confirm your choices. Do remember that you choose 6 or 7 only. That is Dr. Bach’s system; and it works. If you choose to include Rescue Remedy, that counts as one remedy (even though it is a blend of 5).

Cost: Remedy only (30ml.), no consultation $20.00 + shipping (if needed)


Send an email to

Include: Your name, mailing address, phone number

List: The flower essences (no more than 7) which will create your personal remedy, 30ml.

I will acknowledge receipt of your request and will send an invoice to be paid prior to mailing your bottle.

What is in a Dr. Bach Flower Essence Treatment Bottle:

Flower Essences

Spring Water

Alcohol Preservative