Dear Sick Sick World

Dear Sick Sick World—

I will sit at your bedside and hold your hand, as long as you need me to — through the night, day after day. Not to witness your weakness, but to encourage your strength. Not to support your belief in illness but to grow your healing.

I have suspected for some time now that we were not well. I felt your subtle and not-notso subtle frustrations, secret angers, and general desperation. I have watched (y)our misqualified visions bring forth the horrors of (y)our own fearings again and again, as if the attack came from somewhere else, outside—or worse, from fate or even God.

I sit with you, with my hand gently pressed into yours, sending you all the Love from my heart, because it is Love that will heal. The blessed doctors and nurses will find a way to cure the physical destruction, but there is more; and there will be more still to be healed. A cure is not a healing, is not the healing.

I need you to get well, because your health is my health; and someday, soon, you will see that my health is your health. Your greed is my greed; my hate is your hate and fear and anger and. I am responsible for you, because there is no youandme, no distance between a youandame.

So spend some time away, as long as you need away, go within (really go deeply, it is not self-ish to do so) and tend to the flame of the GreatHeart-Love to heal us of all that you/I fear. Learn to feel that Love, that PureDivineLove—then practice sending that Goodly medicine to where it is needed. From the Heart, to other places within this body of ours, radiate Love.

Until then, I will sit at your bedside, holding your/my hand—knowing that you/I do heal.

With Love,


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