Space Clearing/Blessing

Moving into a new home or office?

Purchasing a used car?

Does your home feel thick with stale energy?

Luxury Homespace clearing/blessing is an ideal way to cleanse the vibrational energies left by others in your new space. This transition is also a wonderful way to dedicate your building, room, space, car, or land with your highest and best good intentions.  No space is too big or too small to bring higher vibrational energies and to clear away the dark.

This is the perfect HOUSE WARMING gift for new home owners, as well, helping them turn the house into their home.

$300/for spaces within 60 miles of Temecula, CA.

$400/for spaces within 100 miles of Temecula, CA

Further?  Let’s talk.  This work can also be effectively done at a distance, clearing the energies remotely, with Holy Fire Reiki.

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