The Wisdom of Detachment, Part 1

It wasn’t very long ago, in the 90’s in fact, when that contemptuous phrase and aggressive action of putting the palm of the hand in someone’s face to deflect what was being said was a popular gesture and expression of supposed disengagement. The phrase? “Talk to the hand.”

No doubt, this was a rude dismissal meant to distance the original listener from the original speaker. However, this would rarely be effective as protection from the connection, as it would actually en-flame the energies. The speaker and the listener are now connected by an emotional cord, even if it were followed by the oft-used humorous, “Just kidding.”

Remember the Law of Physics? For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Well, that is no less true for thoughts, emotions, and words. All vibrations carry an outward and onward resonance ad infinitum. This is a constant flow of energy, an eternal echo, moving outward from its source and often reflected back again and again, until it is changed or altered, resolved or healed.

Cords are Real

Did you ever wonder why you find yourself replaying the interactions that affect you most, even the ones you insist you will (or have) let go of? You are determined to release the person who has hurt your feelings, or ego, or sense of self, because that is the “spiritual” thing to do. Besides, you are a grown adult and know that this person has no “power” over you. Yet, for some reason, the words/actions/feelings keep vibrating up over and over again.

If mental discipline alone were all you needed to release this vibration, it would be long gone, you would be on your merry way meditating among the roses and incense, enjoying World peace.

Instead, you have created a bond with that which has emotionally affected you. This vibrational bond is a cord—however, I am told it is more appropriate to consider it as a “chord,” a musical vibrational bond. This chord needs to be resolved in some way, through a vibrational change or release, or perhaps through harmony. Whenever you are emotionally affected, there is a cord/chord created. It is your emotional response to every place, situation, and experience which creates the cord/chord. What happens to the cord/chord depends on how you respond to, or reflect, the vibration. However, it also depends on how the “other” receives this vibration and reflects its energy outward, as it moves outward in all directions.

Cords of Compassion

Cords are not formed only through low vibration energetic patterns. They are also created through the emotional connection of compassion. Com-passion, by its very name, is an emotional response of connection with another through common passion. This is also a bond to another, even if you have never met them in the physical.

For those who are highly empathic (meaning that you are able to feel the energies of others in the physical, emotional, mental, or etheric bodies) these emotional cords can be created without your awareness—at the subtle levels of vibration.

Vibration and the Flower of Life

The Law of Vibration is a Law of Life: Like vibrates Like. For everything produced, an action, a word, a thought there is a vibration, a frequency (an oscillation1 of energy). This physical vibration, being movement, is not isolated in a vacuum—just as you are not—it moves outward, through time and space, vibrating all energies that have a similar frequency. Actually, it creates a geometric pattern which vibrates the neighboring geometric patterns, affecting the full Flower of Life, for Like vibrates Like.

Being human and vibrating at a lower frequency, with built-up density, we quite often, and sometimes without awareness, send out into the Flower of Life energies of a lower vibration. These are karmic patterns and energies that will need to be resolved, balanced, and healed. As vibrations move outward and around us, they will eventually (sometimes rather quickly) move back toward us, just as every exhale in life is followed by an inhale.

Purifying your part in the vibrations of the Flower (Flow-er) of Life is a powerful and effective way to help yourself get clear of misqualified energies, others’ misqualified energies, and the dysfunctional patterns that move around and through us. There is healing in understanding your participation in the energetic health of the world, taking responsibility for your own energies, and engaging in the cleansing of your energy field; this is the Wisdom of Detachment.

Alchemy and The Violet Flame

Recognizing that your own intention may be impure and knowing that your own perspective is not the Divine perspective, it is advisable to seek Higher Vibrational assistance in detaching from the energy of others. What we need is Divine Alchemy.

The Violet Flame is a Gift to Humanity2 for this very purpose. Being Sacred Flame, this is a non-destructive transformative energy; it is a Spiritual Fire that does not burn, that does not destroy. The Violet Flame has the power to transmute lower energies into the Higher Octaves; it is an energetic translation into Higher Energies. As with the element of music, use of the Violet Flame is a ‘Ki’ change (key change).

Surrounding yourself and the person/people, place, or situation from which you are wishing to detach with Violet Flame is the first step in holding the space in the protection of Divine Presence. Call this Divine Energy, drawing it down, in and around you, sitting in the Violet Flame, allowing it to do its work. It assists in clearing and raises the vibration. Ascended Master St. Germain joins you:

Humanity would be well-advised to know that even if that is all they were to do, to make their calls to the Violet Flame, surround all of their being, all of their heart, all of their soul, they would burn more than many lifetimes of karmic burden for themselves and others. Yet, if they were to go one step further and make their calls to the Violet Flame to surround the planet on a weekly basis, daily, or even more often, it would not be long for the transformation of Life on this planet to wholly vibrate into the Divine Pattern of the Age of Aquarius.

The Wisdom of Detachment

When your energy is connected/tied to another’s energy, whether by choice or even unknowingly, you are not connecting to power of your full life force, which comes as a channel within and through you. Unwisely keeping the cords connected at the lower levels can be very draining, as you are being moved by the human/psycho-physical vibrations swirling around you.

Energy vampires are only one way your own life force energy can be allowed to be taken. We often willfully ‘give’ our energy away to places and people whom we believe have “lost” their own Divine Presence connection. This is a “charitable” donation of energy that cannot be renewed, for it is not in alignment with the flow of Divine Energy. Instead, it is an emotional cord (based on false assumptions) from one person to another. It presupposes an underlying false truth (a form of hard wiring) of debt consciousness: “You don’t have enough, so I will give you what you don’t have. I, then, need you to give it back to me when you have enough, or I’ll need to get more from someone else.” Or (possibly) worse, “There isn’t enough for everyone, so I will horde what I have.”

If you’re having trouble understanding this debt-based currency (current) of energetic flow, think of how people approach their financial energy, perhaps flipping between the extremes of debt and abundance, or those who remove themselves from the flow entirely to horde what they have. People will also express this in terms of love (a word which causes much distress on our vibrational plane), trying to get what they feel they don’t have by whatever means they can.

It’s Time to Set Everyone Free

When one is connecting only to the energetic give and take and horde game among your personal part of the Flow-er of Life, it is a complicated scheme. This is energetically draining, unfulfilling, and spiritually corrupt. You may feel/know it is time to set everyone free, thusly setting yourself free, in the process.

Detaching your energies from another (or from all others) is not selfish. In fact, it is an act of great Love. Detachment allows everyone their Divine Gift of Freedom, and in the practice of detachment you are able to honor your (and others’) Free Will.

All detachment, for it to be effective and of a High Vibration, needs to come from a place of Love. Divine Love, being octaves above what we currently understand love to be, is the imperative. We cannot put up a harsh hand (or a wall or even a spiritual bubble of Mercury) in someone else’s face and say “Talk to the hand,” and expect that we have created anything more than low-vibration burden.

Detachment is an act of Divine Love; therein lies Divine Strength and Divine Wisdom.

The following invocation was given to me by Spirit, to share with others, to assist with Detachment, from a place of Divine Presence, Protection, and Love. May these 49-words resonate through you with the Peace you seek and the Joy you hold.

Sacred Fire Love,

Surround me with Violet Flame.

Protect my Light and Three-Fold Flame.3

Detach my energies from this chord.

Create Harmony out of discord.

Raise the vibration, Highest and Best,

Free us from all the rest.

Bless these patterns and karmic cords.4

Heal the energy; centered; restored.

  1. Oscillation is the frequency of repetition; oscillation/vibration, in turn, creates a pattern.
  2. The Violet Flame is a Gift of the Chohan of the Seventh Ray, St. Germain.
  3. Three-Fold Flame: an individual’s spark of Divine Presence within the secret chamber of the heart. It has three qualities, represented in three colors: pink (Divine Love), blue (Divine Strength), gold (Divine Wisdom)
  4. The energetic pathway between you and another person

Lori Torok, “The Wisdom of Detachment, Part 1.”, 2020

Image at top of article: Surrender I, L Torok

Lori Torok is a Reiki Master Teacher, Sound Healer, and Energy Artist who is honored to be a channel in service of the Divine. She is the owner of Eloia Healing Arts | Temecula Reiki Center.

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  1. Lori, absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much !

  2. Thank you, Kathryn. I am so happy resonated with the message. Blessings to you.

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