4GiveNess Project, Week 2

Welcome to Week 2 of the 4GiveNess Project  

The meditation below will bring us back to our beautiful Garden.  Some, I am told, will then proceed on to the Temple of Truth  This journey brings us further to the concept of Self-Forgiveness.  Some will be guided to review the work from the first week, before proceeding on to this week’s work on self-forgiveness.  Do not fret–this is part of the journey.  I suspect that ‘how’ you handle the review is also part of the self-forgiveness process.  Forgiveness is not a destination, but a journey.  Bring joy with the passage.

This week’s 4GiveNess Project:

  1. Follow the meditation journey above, Meditation #2. You may wish to do this twice this week.
  2. If you are Guided to keep with the work in the Garden (from week 1) a bit longer, you may want to listen to the first meditation (Week 1) once or twice more, before going on to the this week’s meditation again.  It is well worth it, if you are Guided to do so.
  3. Spend time this week meditating on/journaling how you process information/energy around you.  So much of what we receive through our senses is not Truth–but opinion, ideas, perspectives, and conditioning. Truth is unconditional.  It is time to exercise your ability to discern the frequencies of the energy around you.
    • Check in with your solar plexus (which connects us to the creative energies of the Great Sun) to feel if the information being presented to you is TRUTH. Try to do this every day for a week, at random times throughout your day.
    • When you feel/find an idea doesn’t resonate with Divine Truth, do not judge or react from a place of anger/frustration/disappointment.  Instead, ask your Angels/Teachers to show you the Truth of the matter and see/feel/hear where your thoughts go next.
    • There is much available to you in this process. But the important key is to ask to be shown the TRUTH.
    • Notice how the vibration of Truth resonates within you, and raises the energy out of the level of the Solar Plexus (emotions), and into the Heart (Love).
  4. Continue to connect, reach up, and work with your own Angels/Teachers, as they are readily with you.

If you presently feel a disconnect with your Angels team, there are particular Angels/Ascended Masters/Teachers most ready to assist you in connecting with Truth, in the process of Forgiveness; they are the sponsors of this 4GiveNess Project:

Archangel Gabriel

Pallas Athena

Maha Chohan

Ascended Master Portia

Ascended Master St. Germain

Archangel Raphael

Mother Mary

Ascended Master Jesus

Be Blessed in all you do.