4GiveNess Project, Week 3

Welcome to Week 3 of the 4GiveNess Project  

It is time to Forgive.

This week, we work to forgive those who have harmed us in word and action.  This is a very important step in your own healing and in the process of balancing your karma–in setting yourself and others free.

This week’s 4GiveNess Project:

  1. Follow the meditation journey above, Meditation #2. You may wish to do this multiple times this week.  This is very high vibration coming through in this meditation.  Be sure to complete this when you have the time to process through the energies.  Please do not listen to these meditations while driving.
  2. You are asked to connect with the energies of the moon this week, allowing the full moon energies in the early part of the week to clear you; this will help you in the journey of releasing that which you hold on to.  Simply look at the moon in person, outside, or in (even a picture of the moon will suffice) and breathe in its energy…feel its life force swirling through your physical body, as it clears your mind and emotions. This is part of the re-calibration needed at this time, as you release long-held hurt.
  3. Daily, ask that your ‘cords’ are cut.  Calling in Archangel Michael and Archaeia Faith will be helpful.  They will bless the cord and return the life force energy back to wherever it originated.  Much love and compassion is involved in this process.  Remember that Love is never “cut,” but everything that you are hold that is not Love, should be released.  Only the cords that you are ready to release will be cut; everything is healed in its own time.

There is a beautiful mantra in A COURSE IN MIRACLES, offering some assistance, when you are in the process of releasing another; you may wish to repeat this:

“I forgive you, and I release you to the Holy Spirit.”


Forgive Everybody, Everything.