4GiveNess Project, Week 3

Welcome to Week 3 of the 4GiveNess Project  

It is time to Forgive.

This week, we work to forgive those who have harmed us in any and all ways.  This is a very important step in your own healing and in the process of balancing your karma–in setting yourself and others free. 

4GiveNess Project, Meditation 3 – Lori Torok

This week’s 4GiveNess Project Activities:

  1. Follow the meditation journey above, Meditation #3. You may wish to do this multiple times this week.  This is a very high vibration coming through in this meditation, with loving healing Divine Energies gently leading the Way.  Be sure to complete this when you have the time to process the work.  Please do not listen to these meditations while doing other things or while driving.
  2. The meditation asks us to “Forgive everybody, every thing.” This is the time to search deeply within the heart center for those pieces, large and small, that we carry within us. It is time to address even those very large pieces, as we look at our conditioned judgments of the world, for the times we silently vowed to never forgive THAT. Do invite your Angels and Ascended Teachers to assist you, so that you set yourself and others free from your own judgment. Forgiveness does not mean you accept the action, but it does mean that you will no longer actively condemn the actor. Forgive everybody, every thing.
  3. Daily, ask that your ‘cords’ are cut.  These are cords/chords that keep you bound to other times, places, people, and energies. Calling in Archangel Michael and Archaea Faith will be helpful (or any Divine messengers).  They will bless the cord and return the life force energy back to wherever it originated.  Much love and compassion is involved in this process.  Remember that Love is never “cut,” but everything that you are hold that is not Love, can be released, if you request it with Love.  Only the cords that you are ready to release will be cut; everything is healed in its own time.
  4. Remember to take the time to journal your experiences. This work is often very deep and quite abstract. Sharing your experience on the page, whether in an essay, or as poetic observations, a list of words, a drawing or other artistic expression can be very helpful in concretizing the experience.

Forgive Everybody, Every thing.