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Dear Sick Sick World

Dear Sick Sick World

I will sit at your bedside and hold your hand, as long as you need me to — through the night, day after day. Not to witness your weakness, but to encourage your strength. Not to support your belief in illness but to grow your healing.

Sound Medicine: Peace & Healing

Here is a link to a 30-minute Sound Bath for Peace and Healing, bringing vibrations of health throughout the planet. Be Well. https://eloiahealingarts.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Remote-Sound-Bath-03152020-3_15_20-8.16-PM-1.m4a

Healing Energies of Citrus: Re-Thinking Comfort Food

Eight, or so, years ago I received a message from my Angelic guide, sharing the following: “Humanity does not yet fully understand the full potential and healing properties that citrus fruits hold for them.”