Sound Medicine: The Healing Thoughtform

Recently, I was guided to create a meditation/journey/experience which holds the frequency of the Healing Thoughtform on multiple levels. This is the product of that Guidance. I trust you will receive exactly what you need from its frequency.

This meditation journey/experience touches upon multiple energetic modalities of the Healing Thoughtform. This is to better raise the vibration of the four lower bodies: the physical, emotional, mental, and etheric. Below is a brief summary of how I was guided to construct this Healing Thoughtform Experience.


The Healing Thoughtform is a Divine Gift that comes to us through the frequency of the 5th Ray, the Green Ray. Although we see the vibration as primarily green, it actually has three different, but unified, frequencies–white, sapphire blue, and green. White is in the “center,” as the representation of Divine Purity, the blue surrounds the white as a vibration of Divine Strength and Protection, and the Green enfolds all, as the Divine Energy of Perfect Health. These colors, are mere representations of the Higher Frequencies, as they are brought into our Earthly world of matter which we can see. As energy, they are continually moving and are connected to a much higher etheric principle. Since they are always moving, as energy does, the colors will shift and transform, combine, and harmonize with each other–turquoise, gold, aqua, etc. may also come through as a result. The visual aspect is part of the Healing Thoughtform as it is represented in the electromagnetic field around each cell, atom, organ, body, system, planet, etc. Unlimited in strength and potential.


I was given the instruction of the chords and planetary influences involved in the frequency of the Healing Thoughtform, within sound patterns. These chords are brought forward in the use of the singing bowls and the planetary-tuned gongs, appropriate for the frequencies needed. Vocally, I was guided to use the Light Language of the Heart space, glossolalia–holding the vibration of the Healing Thoughtform.


On my recent trip to the UK, I was Guided to “record” the energy of Stonehenge. Stonehenge, I am told, is based upon the Healing Thoughtform. Following the specific details of the Guidance, there is an “energetic track” from the vibration of Stonehenge embedded in this Experience. You may “hear” it with the physical ear as something of “white noise,” perhaps better termed “Light Noise,” in this instance. As well, there is an additional track of channeled Divine Presence Energy, Reiki, which unifies the energy field and bridges the Healing Thoughtform to the recipient.

I am filled with gratitude for the Guidance of my Chohans (Teachers) on the Fifth Ray as they have lead me through every step of this expression. May you be blessed and healed in extraordinary ways.

This is a gift for you. Feel free to pass it forward.

NOTE: You may enjoy it best with headphones/earpods.

This work is shared under the protections of Creative Commons. Share. Credit. With Appreciation. (CC) Lori Torok, Eloia Healing Arts, 2020.