4GiveNess Project, Week 5

This week’s work leads us to a connection with the Higher Self, the Ascended version of you.

This is existence beyond judgment, beyond forgiveness. It is a reminder that forgiveness is necessary only because of the judgments we make and hold. Without judgment, there is no need for forgiveness.

Throughout the week, take notice of the personal lens through which you choose to see the world. This lens identifies, labels, categorizes, and separates us. With separation comes opinion and judgment of “other-ness.” Through the lens of the Ascended Self, we are not separated, we are Whole; we are part of the Divine, One.

Forgiving every body, every thing can be challenging, when you see every body as separated individuals. When you encircle all of humanity in the Light of Divine Oneness, there is only one of us here. You are a part of that One. In this, forgiveness is the release that we seek and part of the awakening of the One. Forgiveness is the release that brings us a step closer to Heaven-consciousness on Earth.

The guided meditation below is a journey with Maha Chohan, to help lead us to our Awakening and the unfoldment of a perception beyond forgiveness.

Blessings to the Journey Ahead, Dear One!

A Gift from Maha Chohan, through Lori Torok

Burn every complaint in the Flame of Truth, and you will quickly see there was never anything there to forgive. Awaken and be Free.

Thank you for joining us on this journey through the 4GiveNess Project. May this bring you much Peace and Love along the Way.

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