4GiveNess Project: Week 1

Welcome to Week 1 of the 4GiveNess Project  

This week, I am lead by the beautiful Ascended Master Pallas Athena, as we take enormous strides toward understanding our individual role in the current collective vibration of the World.  We, as co-creators, have been participating in the events, emotions, and emerging Truth of the world. The outer world reflects our inner states.

This is not to place blame or punishment.  Hear that clearly. You are not to use this process as an opportunity to blame yourself or others. That would be a process coming from ego.  It is directly, the opposite.

This is a chance to release yourself and others from the karmic debt and burden that has been weighing humanity down–often without their knowledge.  In this special time of Spring (May 15 – June 13), from New Moon to New Moon, between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, at the sacred time of Ramadan, we are asked to hold Vigil for Forgiveness.

The meditation, below, is a journey into the Garden of Truth.  This is your garden–and it will appear to you, just as you need it to be.  Try not to direct the journey, but do allow it to unfold before you.  You may not “see” the images…but you may feel, sense, or know that they are throughout.  The directive is to take this guided journey 3 – 4 times during this one-week period.  I am told you will experience the journey differently each time, and you will be able to go further with each process.

This week’s 4GiveNess Project:

  1. Listen to the Meditation #1 Journey 3 – 4  times before May 22nd
  2. Plant something new in the Earth – preferably something that flowers.  Intend that this particular planting will be connected with your sacred garden and will bring healing energies to the Earth, for your own process of forgiveness.
  3. Take a mindful walk outside, opening your heart and your senses to the messages around you
  4. Forgive yourself…really cut the cords and release all their effects on you…Forgive yourself for whatever you hold against YOURSELF.  You are not that person any more.  You vibrate differently now.  Let yourself GO!

The last one is tough.  But you really must try. I am told that some of you will need to take the full week to get close to completing #4 and that JOURNALING may be helpful for you.

Ascended Master Pallas Athena suggests the following affirmation/mantra:

In Truth, I am Free and Whole.

In Love, I am Forgiven.