4GiveNess Project: Week 1

Welcome to Week 1 of The 4GiveNess Project  

This week we are lead toward understanding our individual role in the current collective vibration of the World. 

We, as co-creators, have been participating in the events, emotions, and emerging Truth of the world, over many lifetimes.  It is helpful to remember that you have been a member of the human family over many many lifetimes; you are, in fact, your ancestors.  You are experiencing the results of the vibrations you set in motion long ago. You have helped to create the world as it is now; and, more importantly, you are helping to create the world as it will be tomorrow.

The outer world reflects our inner states.

This is not to place blame or punishment.  Hear that clearly. You are not to use this process as an opportunity to blame yourself or others. That would be a process of judgment, which always comes from ego.  It is directly, the opposite.

This is a chance to release yourself and others from the karmic debt and burden that has been weighing humanity down–often without their knowledge.  In this special time of Spring and celebrations of re-birth, in alignment with Holi, Ramadan, and Easter, (March 14 – April 17), we are asked to investigate the power of Forgiveness.

The meditation, below, is a journey into the Garden of Truth.  This is your garden–and it will appear to you, just as you need it to be.  Try not to direct the journey, but do allow it to unfold before you.  You may not “see” the images…but you may feel, sense, or simply know that they are  vibrationally present throughout.  The directive is to take this guided journey 3 times during this one-week period.  I am told you will experience the journey differently each time, and you will be able to go further with each process.

This week’s Activities:

  1. Listen to Meditation #1 Journey at least  3 times before March 20th (Spring Equinox).  Once you know the energetic flow of the meditation, you do not need to “listen” to the recording.  You may call forth the energies of the meditation for yourself and allow the journey to flow through at any time.  However, the recording is there for your use at any time. 

After listening to the Guided Meditation, the first time, then you are ready to move forward through the other recommended parts of this week’s process (activities 2 – 4, below).

2.  Plant something new in the Earth – preferably something that flowers/blooms.  Intend that this particular planting will be connected with your sacred garden, in the “etheric realm” and will ground healing energies to the Earth, for your own journey of forgiveness.

3.  Take a mindfulness walk in nature, opening your heart and your senses to the messages around you.  Without music, without children or pets, without planned buffers or distractions of any kind, take yourself out into the world, with an open heart.  Allow the heart space to open each of the chakras, as you connect with all the colors and vibrations of the world around you.  Whatever catches your eye or ears or any other senses is a personal message.  Sit with the vibration of that message and allow your consciousness to expand.

4.  Forgive yourself…really cut the cords and release all their effects on you…Forgive yourself for whatever you hold against YOURSELF.  You are not that person anymore.  You vibrate differently now.  Release yourself.  Pay close attention to the ways in which you pull yourself back into the lower energies.  What is that?  Is there a part of you that resist forgiving yourself?  What do  you need to do to claim your own forgiveness?  Beautiful Being, child of God, do that now!

The last one is tough.  But you really must try. I am told that some of you will need to take the full week to get close to completing #4 and that JOURNALING may be helpful for you. 

I am sorry for any harm I have caused, intentionally and unintentionally.

I ask to be forgiven.

I ask to be released.

I ask that my release, releases all others attached to my karmic burden.

In Truth, I am Free and Whole.

In Love, I am Forgiven.

Pallas Athena

I am Sorry.

Please forgive me.

Thank you.

I love you.


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16 Comments on “4GiveNess Project: Week 1

  1. Lori, You are so talented and have such a calming voice. I’m so grateful for you initiative, dedication, your hard work and devoted time and warmth. I very much enjoyed the first session, very well done. You inspire goodness. May you receive blessings two-fold of what you radiate. Merci

  2. Thank you, Pierre. Blessings to all, on this unfolding journey.

  3. Hi Lori, I feel so blessed by this gift, this Forgiveness project you are sharing. It is something I’ve needed for a while. The meditation was great. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your time and talent.
    Much love & light. Leyda

  4. Thank you, Leyda. I am so glad you are joining us on this journey together. Blessings, L

  5. I’m glad you received something you appreciated. Blessings, L

  6. Thank you for this wonderful gift of healing. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. In this meditation, I was able to experience the release of things I had not thought about in years. There was also something that came up from a past life…I believe. Your love and light is forever creating healing in us and throughout our planet. Peace always.

  7. This morning I completed the final meditation for week one, but I wanted to share a few of my takeaways that I received with each meditation. During the first time I listened to the meditation, I imagined myself walking through a labyrinth, circling a beautiful garden with wisteria, roses, jasmine, and echinacea. While it is beautiful, I take notice of parts of the garden that have gone untended and have become overgrown, or have died. This first meditation helped me come to the realization that the garden changes as I do and I hold two truths simultaneously- that it is beautiful and there is work to be done. For the second meditation, it was difficult for me to get out of my head. The garden is in disarray because of my own doing. I take responsibility for the harm that I’ve caused myself and others. Just like the plants need pruning, so does consciousness. I can no longer expend my energy on what doesn’t nourish my soul. Finally, the third meditation brought me to a place of forgiveness, for the things I’ve done, for the things I haven’t done, for all of the different versions of me I have been. I am tired of holding onto shame and having no room leftover for joy and authenticity. I hope you all are doing well with the 4GiveNess Project thus far! 🙂

  8. Thank you for sharing your experiences and insights, Kelsey. Beautiful teachings. Blessings to the journey– Lori

  9. Such a lovely blessing and kind words you send. Thank you for your Light. Blessings, Lori

  10. I am a week behind but I am exactly where I need to be. I am in the process of finding true forgiveness for myself and this is why I’m here. I want to be free. The universe has provided me with the tools I need to set myself free of the burden that I have chosen to live with. I need to let go and find true forgiveness for myself. Thank you so much for providing these exercises that will help me achieve that.🥰🥰🥰🥰

  11. I am so glad you are walking with us on this path, Alexander. Blessings to the journey ahead. Lori

  12. Hi Lori, Thank you so much for offering this beautiful program. It is always time to work on forgiveness, but the timing is particularly perfect for me as I am having some medical issues that I am working through. I love the meditations and listen to them several times during the week. The visualizations are so powerful and profound! I’m also loving the energy from the moon. It’s so good to hear your beautiful, loving voice again.

  13. Thank you for your kind words and participation in this very important project. So nice to hear from you, Jeanette. Blessings to your journey into the health that forgiveness offers.

  14. After the meditation, the phrase came to mind; Let it go enough to hold it softly. Hold it softly enough to let it go. What a gift, Lori, thank you, thank you, thank you.

  15. What beautiful Guidance. Thank you for sharing, Jen. Blessings to the journey ahead, Lori

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