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Holding Space: Forgiving the Small Stuff

photo of person sitting during golden hour

Reflecting on the infinite number of times I am loosened from my center by the gaze of judgment, the hurting beings around me, the indignation of co-shoppers, the rage of co-travelers on life’s roadways, the feeling-soup in which I myself find to be simmering as I read news headlines or try to make my way right through queues, questions, and quandaries, I prayed for assistance…

Celebrating Excellence at Eloia Healing Arts

In looking back at all the students who have come through the doors (both physical and virtual) to study Reiki at Eloia Healing Arts | Temecula Reiki & Sound Therapy, I am honored and humbled. It is a great joy to assist students on… Continue Reading “Celebrating Excellence at Eloia Healing Arts”

Sound Medicine: The Healing Thoughtform

Recently, I was guided to create a meditation/journey/experience which holds the frequency of the Healing Thoughtform on multiple levels. This is the product of that Guidance. I trust you will receive exactly what you need from its frequency. This meditation journey/experience touches upon multiple… Continue Reading “Sound Medicine: The Healing Thoughtform”

Schedule an Appointment

Making an appointment at Eloia Healing Arts | Temecula Reiki & Sound Therapy is simple and convenient.  Click on the link below to see the available dates and times. Don’t see anything that works with your schedule? Contact us for options that work for… Continue Reading “Schedule an Appointment”