Welcome to the 4GiveNess Project

The 4GiveNess Project is a self-paced program of Guided meditations, prompts and activities to assist you on your personal journey through the process of forgiveness. May you be Guided by Divine Light, as you courageously choose to set yourself free from resentment, pain, and non-forgiveness. Blessings to the journey.

We will be joining as a community for the 5-week program from March 14 – April 17, 2022. If you wish to feel the collective support of the journey (although everyone is working independently through the Project), sign-up for the weekly links and supportive reminders, HERE.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

5 Comments on “Welcome to the 4GiveNess Project

  1. Good morning
    I did the meditation yesterday evening. I had a few old memories come up this morning after my Reiki
    Tests and things I never thought would come to mind. Childhood memory some tears Blessed
    Thank you LORI for continued support 💗🙌

  2. Yes, Katherine, you bring up a good point. The information may “come up” at different times. All it takes is a willing heart…you will receive when the timing and energy is in alignment. Blessings to the journey, L

  3. Day 2 of meditation the next morning after Reiki I was met by a big Bobcat in my driveway while I was sitting on the patio about 20 feet away.
    I told the Bobcat “ good morning “
    It stopped and looked at me.
    We stared at each other in the eyes for at least a full 5 minutes.
    I could feel an intense energy coming from the big cat. Amazing experience
    It then turned and continued walking.

  4. What a lovely connection. Thank you for sharing, Katherine.

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