Welcome to the 4GiveNess Project

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Week 1: May 17 – May 23

Week 2: May 24 – May 30

Week 3: May 31 – June 6

Week 4: June 7 – June 13

Week 5: June 14 – June 20

5 Comments on “Welcome to the 4GiveNess Project

  1. Good morning
    I did the meditation yesterday evening. I had a few old memories come up this morning after my Reiki
    Tests and things I never thought would come to mind. Childhood memory some tears Blessed
    Thank you LORI for continued support 💗🙌

  2. Yes, Katherine, you bring up a good point. The information may “come up” at different times. All it takes is a willing heart…you will receive when the timing and energy is in alignment. Blessings to the journey, L

  3. Day 2 of meditation the next morning after Reiki I was met by a big Bobcat in my driveway while I was sitting on the patio about 20 feet away.
    I told the Bobcat “ good morning “
    It stopped and looked at me.
    We stared at each other in the eyes for at least a full 5 minutes.
    I could feel an intense energy coming from the big cat. Amazing experience
    It then turned and continued walking.

  4. What a lovely connection. Thank you for sharing, Katherine.

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